Thomas Mann

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Thomas Mann
Mann in 1937
BornPaul Thomas Mann
6 Juin 1875(1875-06-06)
Free City o Lübeck, German Empire
Dee'd12 August 1955(1955-08-12) (aged 80)
Zürich, Switzerland
Restin placeKilchberg, Swisserland
ThriftNovelist, short story writer, essayist
GenreNovel, novella
Notable warksBuddenbrooks, The Magic Mountain, Death in Venice, Joseph and His Brothers, Doctor Faustus
Notable awairds


Paul Thomas Mann (German: [paʊ̯l toːmas man]; 6 Juin 1875 – 12 August 1955) wis a German novelist, short story writer, social creetic, filanthropist, essayist, an the 1929 Nobel Prize in Leeteratur laureate. His heichly seembolic an ironic epic novelles an novellas are noted for thair insicht intae the psychology o the airtist an the intellectual.

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