Thomas Becket

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Thomas Becket
Airchbishop o Canterbury
Illumination frae an Inglis Beuk o Oors presentin a spiritit accoont o the murther o Becket, c. 1390, Naitional Leebrar o Wales
Appointed24 Mey 1162
Installed3 Juin 1162
Term endit29 December 1170
PredecessorTheobald o Bec
SuccessorRichard o Dover
Ordination1154 (deacon)
2 Juin 1162 (priest)
Consecration3 Juin 1162
bi Henry o Blois
Personal details
Born21 December c. 1119
Cheapside, Lunnon
Deed(1170-12-29)29 December 1170
Canterbury Cathedral
BuriedCanterbury Cathedral
DenominationRoman Catholic
  • Gilbert Beket
  • Matilda
Previous postAirchdeacon o Canterbury
Feast day29 December
Veneratit in
Teetle as SauntBishop an Martyr
Beatified21 Februar 1173
bi Pape Alexander III
Canonised21 Februar 1173
St Peter's Kirrk in Segni
bi Pape Alexander III
AttributesSword, martyrdom, episcopal vestments
PatronageExeter College, Oxford; Portsmouth; Arbroath Abbey; secular clergy
ShrinesCanterbury Cathedral

Thomas Becket (/ˈbɛkɪt/; forby kent as Saunt Thomas o Canterbury, Thomas o Lunnon,[1] an later Thomas à Becket;[note 1] 21 December c. 1119 (or 1120) – 29 December 1170) wis Archbishop of Canterbury frae 1162 until his murder in 1170. He is venerated as a saint an martyr bi baith the Catholic Kirk an the Anglican Communion. He engaged in conflict wi Henry II, Keeng of England, ower the rights an privileges o the Kirk an wis murdered bi followers o the king in Canterbury Cathedral. Suin efter his daith, he wis canonised bi Pape Alexander III.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The name "Thomas à Becket" isna contemporary, an appears tae be a post-Reformation creaution, possibly in imitation o Thomas à Kempis.[2]

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