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The Virginies

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The Virginies
Kintra Unitit States o Americae
State Virginie
State Wast Virginie
Principal cities - Richmond, Virginie
 - Virginia Beach, Virginie
 - Norfolk, Virginie
 - Charleston, Wast Virginie
 - Huntington, Wast Virginie
 - Morgantown, Wast Virginie
 • Total9,854,018

The Virginies (sometimes kent as the twa Virginies an aw) is a region in the Unitit States comprisin the states o Virginie an Wast Virginie. If they wur a single state (as they wur till the Ceevil Weir), the Virginies wad hae a collect population o 9,854,018 as o the 2010 naitional census. This wad gie Virginie the 9t lairgest population o ony US state, wi less nor 20,000 less nor nummer 8, Michigan. The total aurie o the twa states is aboot 175,000 square kilometers (67,000 square miles).

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