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Template:Muisic infobox heider {{Infobox muisical airtist}} is the staundart infobox for non-classical muisicker airticles, an is athin the purview o WikiProject Musicians.

See an aw Wikipedia:WikiProject Musicians/Infobox for mair information.


Ane o the follaein twa alternatives (ane for individuals, ane for groups) shoud be placit in an airticle at the top o the page, afore the introduction.

For airticles aboot individuals

{{Infobox muisical airtist
| name                = 
| image               = 
| alt                 = 
| caption             = 
| image_size          = 
| landscape           = <!-- yes, if wide image, otherwise leave blank -->
| background          = **Mandatory** Use one: solo_singer, non_vocal_instrumentalist, non_performing_personnel, or temporary
| birth_name          = 
| alias               = 
| birth_date          = <!-- {{birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| birth_place         = 
| origin              = 
| death_date          = <!-- {{death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD}} (death date 1st) -->
| death_place         = 
| genre               = 
| occupation          = 
| instrument          = 
| years_active        = <!-- YYYY–YYYY (or –present) -->
| label               = 
| associated_acts     = 
| website             = <!-- {{URL|}} -->
| notable_instruments = 

For airticles aboot muisical groups

{{Infobox muisical airtist
| name            = 
| image           = 
| alt             = 
| caption         = 
| image_size      = 
| landscape       = <!-- yes, if wide image, otherwise leave blank -->
| background      = **Mandatory** Use one: group_or_band, classical_ensemble, or temporary
| alias           = 
| origin          = 
| genre           = 
| years_active    = <!-- {{start date|YYYY}}–{{end date|YYYY}} (or –present) -->
| label           = 
| associated_acts = 
| website         = <!-- {{URL|}} -->
| current_members = 
| past_members    = 


  • Maist fields are optional an the row will simply be omittit if nae data is suppleed.
  • See WikiProject Musicians for mair information aboot this template.


The name o the group or airtist ("the act") in plain text anerlie. Logos an ither graphics are tae be avoidit in this field in accordance wi WP:ACCESS, WP:FAIR, an in pairticular WP:LOGO. This field is mandatory.


An image o the act, sufficiently clear for display at 220 pixels' width. Set tae anerlie the image name, e.g. Example.png, no Image:Example.png or [[File:Example.png|200px|abc]].


Alt text for the image, for visually impaired an ither readers who canna see the image. See WP:ALT.


Caption for the image tae be displayed.


The image size shoud anerlie be specifeed if the image is smawer than 220 pixels width. Enter the width in pixels athoot "px", for example 150. Size for landscape images shoud be 250.


Set tae yes when uisin wide, short images. The image hicht (rather than width) will be limited tae 200 pixels.


The muisical airtist shoud be placit intae ane o seiven categories bi uisin ane o the codes belaw in the backgrund field. Each category is color-codit tae provide a quick indication o the type group/performer, e.g. solo airtist, orchestra, etc. The color scheme is similar tae the ane uised bi WikiProject Albums an ither projects. Please discuss additional types that need tae be accoontit for on the template's talk page. This field is mandatory.

Code Display
Backgrund information
Backgrund information
Backgrund information
Backgrund information
Backgrund information
Backgrund information
Singular vocal performers (includin lead an backgrund sangsters, sangster-sangwriters, an sangster-instrumentalists). This categorization is for ony airticle aboot a sangster, whether they perform solo, wi a group or baund, or baith.
Non-vocal instrumentalists.
Non-classical composers, producers, sangwriters, arrangers, DJs, ingineers, an ither non-performin personnel.
Groups, baunds, crews, or ither non-classical muisic ensembles. This categorization is for airticles on group acts anerlie; members o groups shoud be labeled wi ane o the codes abuin.
Orchestras an ither classical muisic ensembles.
Temporary collaborative projects.

Ither values (e.g. "jazz trumpeter") must no be uised.

Pages wi invalid value in |background= can be foond in Category:Infobox musical artist with missing or invalid Background field.


This field is anerlie relevant for individuals. The airtist's name at birth.


For listing official stage names for the act or solo artist other than the name in the |name= parameter. Also for the solo artist's legal name(s), or other officially authorized names that differ from their birth name. This field is not for nicknames such as "The Godfather of Soul" (James Brown) or "Nippy" (Whitney Houston), which are not the artists' official names.


This field is only relevant for individuals. The artist's date of birth; it is preferable to use {{Birth date and age}} (for example {{Birth date and age|1949|12|31}}) to display current age. For dead people, use {{Birth date}} (for example {{Birth date|1949|12|31}}. Also list the place of birth using the birth_place parameter, if it differs from the artist's hometown (see field "origin" below). Omit the country if it does not differ from that specified at the field "origin".

{{Birth date and age|Year|Month|Day}}


This field is anerlie relevant for individuals. The airtist's place o birth.

[[Ceety]], State/Province, Kintra


The city from which the singer or group originated (that is, the city where the group was founded; or the city where individual performers started their career, should it not match the location of their birth). If the city is not known, specify at least the country. Note: as for "Born" and "Died", there is no need to additionally place a {{Flagicon}} to represent the nationality.

[[City]], [[State/Province]], [[Country]]


This field is only relevant for individuals. The artist's date of death (same format as birth_date; but use {{Death date and age}}).


This field is only relevant for individuals. The artist's place of death (same format as birth_place).


The genre or genres of music performed by the act. Aim for generality (e.g. [[Hip hop music|Hip hop]] rather than [[East Coast hip hop]]). Genres should be separated with a comma delimiter. Genres should be wikilinked. Use piped links where needed, for example: [[Pop music|Pop]], [[Rock music|rock]]. Note: most genres are not proper nouns and should not be capitalized. However, the first word in a list of multiple genres should be capitalized.


This field is only relevant for individuals. Roles the artist has fulfilled (e.g. musician, songwriter, producer, etc). For artists that have participated in other forms of entertainment, outside of music (such as acting), these occupations can be included if notable.


This field is only relevant for individuals. General class(es) of instrument(s) played by the artist, e.g. guitar or violin. Include singing, rapping, beatboxing and/or scat singing if relevant. Separate multiple entries with commas.


Period(s) during which the act was or has been active. Only calendar year ranges or a single calendar year should be listed; for example, do not distinguish between the period Paul McCartney was in The Beatles and his solo career. Use commas to separate non-consecutive periods, and denote ranges with an unspaced en dash (e.g. 1993–2004, 2005–present). See WP:DATE#Longer periods and WP:MOS#En dashes. For groups only use {{Start date}}.


The record label or labels to which the act has been signed, as a comma-separated list. Omit parenthetical dates; save that information for the main article. Drop the word "Records" from the end of any label's name (e.g. use [[Universal Records|Universal]] rather than [[Universal Records]].) Separate multiple entries with commas.


This field is for professional relationships with other musicians or bands that are significant and notable to this artist's career.

This field can include, for example, any of the following:

  • For individuals: groups of which he or she has been a member
  • Other acts with which this act has collaborated on multiple occasions, or on an album, or toured with as a single collaboration act playing together
  • Groups which have spun off from this group
  • A group from which this group has spun off

Separate multiple entries with commas.

The following uses of this field should be avoided:

  • Association of groups with members' solo careers
  • Groups with only one member in common
  • Association of producers, managers, etc. (who are themselves acts) with other acts (unless the act essentially belongs to the producer, as in the case of a studio orchestra formed by and working exclusively with a producer)
  • One-time collaboration for a single, or on a single song
  • Groups that are merely similar


The single web address for the act's primary official website. Use {{URL}} as {{URL|}}.


This field is anerlie relevant for active groups. Current members o the group, leetit in order o joinin wi naether notation than names. Separate multiple entries wi <br />.


This field is anerlie relevant for groups. Past members o the group, leetit in order o joinin wi nae ither notation than names. If a group is inactive, aw members shoud be leetit here, an nane in the "current_members" field. If membership o the group haes variet ower time, it shoud no be notit here, but mey be discussed in the airticle body. Separate multiple entries wi <br />.


This field is anerlie relevant for individuals. Particularly noteworthy models or custom muisical instruments wi which the airtist is strangly associatit (e.g. Jimi Hendrix's Fender Stratocaster an Gibson Flying V guitars or Tori Amos's Bösendorfer piano). Separate multiple entries wi commas.


Mariah Carey
Young woman singing into a hand mike with her eyes closed and a big smile
Mariah Carey performing in 1998
Background information
Birth nameMariah Carey
Born (1970-03-27) 27 Mairch 1970 (age 51)
Huntington, New York
OreiginNew York Ceety
GenresPop, R&B, Dance-pop
ThriftSangster, sangwriter, record producer, muisic video director, actress
Years active1990–present
LabelsColumbia, Virgin, MonarC/Island

For individual musicians

The following template code produced the infobox above.
{{Infobox musical artist
| name            = Mariah Carey
| image           = Mariah Carey13 Edwards  Dec 1998.jpg
| alt             = Young woman singing into a hand mike with her eyes closed and a big smile
| caption         = Mariah Carey performing in 1998
| background      = solo_singer
| birth_name      = Mariah Carey
| birth_date      = {{Birth date and age|1970|3|27}}
| birth_place     = [[Huntington, New York]]
| origin          = [[New York City]]
| genre           = [[Pop music|Pop]], [[Contemporary R&B|R&B]], [[Dance-pop]]
| associated_acts = 
| occupation      = Singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director, actress
| years_active    = 1990–present
| label           = [[Columbia Records|Columbia]], [[Virgin Records|Virgin]], [[MonarC]]/[[Island Records|Island]]
| website         = {{URL|}}

For groups or bands

The following template code produced the infobox above.
{{Infobox musical artist
| name            = Audioslave
| image           = Audioslave_2005.jpg
| alt             = Four-man rock group performing on stage, spotlit, with row of darkened fans in the foreground
| landscape       = yes
| caption         = From left to right: [[Tim Commerford]], [[Chris Cornell]], [[Brad Wilk]] and [[Tom Morello]], performing at the [[Montreux Jazz Festival]], 2005.
| background      = group_or_band
| origin          = [[Los Angeles]], California, United States
| genre           = [[Hard rock]], [[alternative rock]], [[post-grunge]]
| years_active    = 2001–2007
| label           = [[Epic Records|Epic]], [[Interscope Records|Interscope]]
| associated_acts = [[Rage Against the Machine]]
| website         = {{URL|}}
| current_members = 
| past_members    = [[Chris Cornell]]<br />[[Tom Morello]]<br />[[Tim Commerford]]<br />[[Brad Wilk]]


The determination between class="fn" (for individuals) and class="fn org" (for groups) and is made by {{Infobox musical artist/hCard class}}.