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Bernie Sanders

Bernard "Bernie" Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is an American politeecian. He is a Unitit States Senator frae Vermont. Afore servin in the Senate, he representit Vermont's at-large congressional destrict in the Unitit States Hoose o Representatives an served as mayor of Burlington.

Syne his election to the Senate, Sanders has emergit as a leadin progressive voice on issues lik income inequality, climate change, an campaign finance reform. He rose tae naitional prominence on the heels o his 2010 filibuster o the proposit extension o the Bush-era tax rates for the wealthy. Sanders is an aa outspoken on ceevil liberties issues, an haes been pairteecularly creetical o mass surveillance policies such as the Patriot Act.

On Aprile 30, 2015, Sanders annooncit his candidacy in the 2016 Unitit States presidential election in an address on the Capitol lawn.

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