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The statue kent as the Augustus o Prima Porta, 1st century

Augustus (Laitin: Imperator Caesar Divi F. Augustus, 23 September 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD) wis the foonder o the Roman Empire an its first Emperor, rulin frae 27 BC til his daith in 14 AD.

He wis born Gaius Octavius intae an auld an walthy equestrian brainch o the plebeian gens Octavia. His maternal great-uncle Julius Caesar wis assassinatit in 44 BC, an Octavius wis named in Caesar's will as his adoptit son an heir, then kent as Octavianus (or Octavian). He, Mark Antony, an Marcus Lepidus formed the Seicont Triumvirate tae defeat the assassins o Caesar. Follaein thair veectory at the Battle o Philippi, the Triumvirate dividit the Roman Republic amang themsels an ruled as militar deectators. The Triumvate wis eventually torn apairt bi the competin ambeetions o its members. Lepidus wis driven intae exile an stripped o his poseetion, an Antony committit suicide follaein his defeat at the Battle o Actium bi Octavian in 31 BC. (Full airticle...)