Mark Antony

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Marcus Antonius
BornJanuar 14, 83 BC
Roum, Roman Republic
Dee'dAugust 1, 30 BC (aged 53)
Alexandria, Ptolemaic Kinrick
Allegiance Roman Republic
Battles/warsGallic Wars
Caesar's cevil war
Battle o Pharsalus
Roman-Parthian Wars
Antony's war on Parthia
Post-Caesarian ceevil war
Battle o Mutina
Liberators' ceevil war
Battle o Philippi
Final War o the Roman Republic
Battle o Actium
Ither wirkConsul o the Roman Republic 44 BC an 34 BC, magister equitum, Quaestor, Augur, Tribune

Marcus Antonius, commonly kent in Inglis as Mark Antony (Laitin: M·ANTONIVS·M·F·M·N)[note 1] (Januar 14, 83 BC – August 1, 30 BC), wis a Roman politeecian an general. As a militar commander an admeenistrator, he wis an important supporter an lyal friend o his mither's cousin Julius Caesar. Efter Caesar's assassination, Antony furmed an offeecial poleetical alliance wi Octavian (the futur Augustus) an Lepidus, kent tae historians the day as the Seicont Triumvirate.

The triumvirate broke up in 33 BC. Disagreement atween Octavian an Antony erupted intae ceevil war, the Final War o the Roman Republic, in 31 BC. Antony wis defeatit bi Octavian at the naval Battle o Actium, an in a brief land battle at Alexandria. He an his lover Cleopatra committit suicide shortly thareefter. His career an defeat are significant in Roum's transformation frae Republic tae Empire.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. In full, Marcus Antonius Marci Filius Marci Nepos; in Scots, "Marcus Antonius, son o Marcus, grandson o Marcus".