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Tamara Gverdtsiteli

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Tamara Gverdtsiteli
BornTamara Mikhailovna Gverdtsiteli
(1962-01-18) 18 Januar 1962 (age 62)
Tbilisi, Georgie SSR, Soviet Union
Years active1972–present
BairnsAlexander (Sandro) Kakhabrishvili (b. 1986)
Muisical career
  • vocals
  • guitar
  • synthesizer
  • organ
  • accordion
Associate acts

Tamara "Tamriko" Mikhailovna Gverdtsiteli (Georgie: თამარ გვერდწითელი, Roushie: Тамара Михайловна Гвердцители) is a Georgie-Roushie sangster, actress, componer, Honored Airtist o the Georgie SSR (1989), Fowkairtist o Georgie (1991), Fowkairtist o Ingushetie, an Fowkairtist o Roushie (2004).

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The representative o the auncient Georgie noble faimily Gverdtsiteli. Thanks tae her mither, a teacher o Roushie leid an leeteratur, a native o Odessa[1] Inna Vladimirovna Kofman (born 01.04.1938), she suin began tae study muisic, an wis admittit tae a special music schuil at the Tbilisi State Conservatoire. In the early 1970s, she became a soloist in the pop baund Mziuri, which includit a tour toured the umwhile Soviet Union.

After heich schuil, Gverdtsiteli entered the Tbilisi State Conservatoire an graduatit frae it in piano an composition, an she graduatit frae college wi a special vocal.

At age 19, Gverdtsiteli teuk seicont place at the Aw-Union festival in Dnepropetrovsk an wan the internaitional competition "Red Carnation" in Sochi. In 1982 she teuk pairt in the contest o popular muisic in Dresden, in 1988 she wan the "Gowden Orpheus", performit as a guest airtist at festivals in Sopot an Sanremo. Syne 1987, the she herel actit as a member o the jury o muisic festivals .

In 1989 Gverdtsiteli wis awairdit Airtist the Georgie SSR in 1991, an in 2004 - Fowkairtist o Roushie.

In 1991 Gverdtsiteli went tae Paris, whaur she met wi Michel Legrand an Jean Drezhakom. At the same time a contract wis signed wi Legrand an held her first concert in Paris 'Olympia'. Legrand, representin Gverdtsiteli haw, said: "Paris! Remember that name.".

Currently Gverdtsiteli performs the role o Carmen on the stage o the Dnepropetrovsk Opera baritone Giovanni wi Milan Ribikezu preparin the opera in Moscow wi conductor Vladimir Ziva, actit in films, plays at the Theatre o the Roushie Airmy in the musical " Man of La Mancha " wi Vladimir Zeldin, acts recitals an a joint program wi Dmitri Dyuzhev, an in 2010 made her debut in brilliant new genre-man show.

She performs sangs in mair nor ten leids: Georgie, Roushie, French, Italian, Spainyie, Inglis, Ebreu, Ukrainian, Armenie, German, etc.

Faimily[eedit | eedit soorce]

Gverdtsiteli is ane o the auldest Georgie surnames. It consists o twa wirds: Tsiteli - red, gverd - side. Surname ancestors gave the keeng on the battlefield in the 14t century: the ancestor heroically fechtin for Georgie's unthirldom against the Turks, wis woondit, he wis elk-namit Red Bock (bloody side).

  • Faither, Mikhail Pavlovich Gverdtsiteli - programmer.[2]
  • Mither, Inna Vladimirovna Kofman (1938) - Roushie leid an leeteratur teacher at Tbilisi Pioneer Hoose, graduatit frae the filological depairtment o the Tbilisi Pedagogical Institute. Pushkin.[3][4]
  • Uncle, the brither o Ina Kofman - lives in the U.S.[5]
  • Grandmither bi Mikhaila Gverdtsiteli, Tamara Ivanovna, wis a muisic teacher.[3]
  • Great-grandmither - Khidirbegishvili wis a princess Amilakhvari, studiet in Paris and St. Petersburg, wis alive when Tamara wis little.[3][6]
  • Brither Pavel,[4] ingineer, lives in Tbilisi, an haes twa childer.[7]
  • Grandmither bi Inna Kofman - Shulamith Solomonovna Rozenshtleh.[4]
  • Great grandfaither - ravvin synagogues on Odesse, Solomon Rozenshteh.[4]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Her first husband (1984 tae 1995[5][8][9]) Giorgi Kakhabrishvili (1947) - director, vice-chairman of the Public Broadcaster of Georgie.[10]
  • Son - Alexander (Sandro) Kakhabrishvili[11] (Сандро) (1986) studying in the U.S., is now studying in England, Varsity o the Airts Lunnon, факультет Mass Media and Culture.[7][12][13]
  • Second husband, Dimitri, a lawyer,[14] emigrated from the USSR (Baku), lived in Boston an died of cardiac arrest.[15][16][17][18]
  • Third husband, Sergey Georgiyevich Ambatelo - a heart surgeon, PhD, of the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery them. Bakuleva,[7] divorced December 2005.[19][20][21]

Discografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 1982 - Debut. Tamara Gverdtsiteli (EP)
  • 1985 - Muisic: Tamara sings Gverdtsiteli
  • 1992 - Tamara Gverdtsiteli sings her sangs
  • 1994 - Lang Live the Keeng!
  • 1996 - Thanks, Muisic, you!
  • 2000 - Best sangs o different years
  • 2001 - ordination o weemen
  • 2002 - Viva Love Viva!
  • 2002 - A haed a dream last nicht sky
  • 2003 - Favorites
  • 2004 - Muisic - Soul Temple
  • 2008 - Air kiss
  • 2008 - MP3-album "Favorites"
  • 2009 - The Best (2 CD)

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