Taiping Rebellion

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Taiping Rebellion

Taiping cannonade against the Qing war-junks besieging the Heavenly Kinrick caipital
DateDecember 1850 – August 1864
LocationSoothren Cheenae
  • Qing Dynasty victory
  • Faw o the Taiping Heivenly Kinrick
  • Weakenin o the Qing Dynasty
Taiping Heivenly Kinrick
Commanders an leaders
1,100,000+[1] 500,000[2]
Casualties an losses
Tot dead: At least 20 million, includin ceevilians an soldiers (best estimate).[3]

The Taiping Rebellion wis a massive ceevil war in soothren Cheenae frae 1850 tae 1864, against the rulin Manchu-led Qing Dynasty. It wis a millenarian movement led bi Hong Xiuquan, who annoonced that he haed received veesions in which he learned that he wis the younger brither o Jesus. At least 20 million fowk died, mainly ceevilians, in ane o the deidliest militar conflicts in history.[4]

Hong established the Taiping Heivenly Kinrick wi its caipital at Nanjing. The Kinrick's airmy controlled lairge pairts o soothren Cheenae, at its hicht rulin aboot 30 million fowk. The rebel agenda included social reforms such as shared "property in common," equality for weemen, an the replacement o Confucianism, Buddhism an Cheenese folk releegion wi thair furm o Christianity. Acause o thair refusal tae wear the queue, Taiping truips wur nicknamed "Langhairs" (simplifeed Cheenese: ; traditeeonal Cheenese: ; pinyin: Chángmáo) bi the Qing govrenment, which besieged the Taiping airmies throughoot the rebellion. The Qing govrenment eventually crushed the rebellion wi the aid o French an Breetish forces.

In the 20t century, Sun Yat-sen, foonder o the Cheenese Naitionalist Pairty, leuked on the rebellion as an inspiration, an Cheenese leader Mao Zedong glorified the Taiping rebels as early heroic revolutionaries against a corrupt feudal seestem.[5]

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