Tây Ninh

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Tây Ninh (Vietnamese: Aboot this soondTây Ninh ) is a toun in soothwastren Vietnam. It is the caipital o Tây Ninh province, which encompasses the toun an muckle o the surroondin farmland.

Tây Ninh is approximately 90 km tae the northwast o Hồ Chí Minh Ceety, Vietnam’s lairgest ceety. As o 2003, the district haed a population o 126,370.[1] The district covers an aurie o 137 km².[1]

The ceety is maist famous for being the hame o the Cao Đài releegion, an indigenous Vietnamese faith that includes the teachings o the major warld releegions. The Cao Đài releegion’s Holy See, built atween 1933 an 1955, is locatit aroond 5 km tae the east o Tây Ninh’s toun centre.

U.S. Army heliport, Tây Ninh, 1971

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Coordinates: 11°18′N 106°06′E / 11.300°N 106.100°E / 11.300; 106.100

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