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2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 (Euro-spec)

The Suzuki XL-7 is Suzuki's mid-sized SUV, launched in 1998.

First generation[eedit | eedit soorce]

The first-generation XL-7 wis a Suzuki design an wis essentially a stretched Grand Vitara. It haed a Suzuki-designed 2.7 liter V6 on a rear wheel drive-based platform wi optional fower wheel drive. When introduced, the XL-7 wis the least expensive SUV available wi 3-row seatin in North Americae. The Suzuki XL-7 sauld ower 20,000 a year, an wis awardit the Consumer's Digest Best Buy award. Housomeivver, sales slowed as competitors came oot wi SUVs wi mair features, lower prices, better fuel efficiency an mair pouerful ingines, such as the Toyota Highlander, the Honda Pilot, an the Honda CR-V.

1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 (JA; Australiae)

A unique trait in the U.S. market in this segment, the XL-7 wis available wi 5-speed manual transmission, in baith 5-person an 7-person variants.

Seicont generation[eedit | eedit soorce]

Suzuki XL7

Introduced in the fowert quarter o 2006, Suzuki partnered wi General Motors tae build the 2007 model, nou called XL7 (athoot the hyphen). It uises the same unibody platform an mony o the same components as the Chevy Equinox, Pontiac Torrent an Saturn Vue, but incorporates third row seatin exclusive tae the Suzuki. The seicont generation model uises a version o the GM High Feature ingine, built in Japan an shipt tae CAMI Automotive in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada, where the XL7 is assembled wi the Equinox an Torrent, an awso the seicont-generation Suzuki XL7 is Suzuki's first entry in the crossover SUV segment. Stylin cues on the 2007 include a chrome slottit grille an trapezoidal heidlichts.

Suzuki XL7 at the 2007 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb durin the record breakin run

In Mey 2009, Suzuki haltit production o the XL7 indefinitely due tae law demand.[1] Through Mey 10, 2009, CAMI Automotive Inc. haed anerlie produced fower XL7s for Suzuki efter producin mair than 12,000 units last year.

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