Susumu Tonegawa

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Susumu Tonegawa
Susumu Tonegawa
Born (1939-09-06) 6 September 1939 (age 84)
Nagoya, Japan
Alma mater
Kent forAntibody diversity
Scientific career
FieldsGenetics, Immunology, Neuroscience
Academic advisors
InfluencedAdrian Hayday (postdoc)[1]

Susumu Tonegawa (利根川 進 Tonegawa Susumu, born September 6, 1939) is a Japanese scientist wha wis the sole recipient o the Nobel Prize in Pheesiology or Medicine in 1987, for his discovery o the genetic mechanism that produces antibouk diversity.[2] Awtho he won the Nobel Prize for his wirk in immunology, Tonegawa is a molecular biologist bi trainin an he again chynged fields follaein his Nobel Prize win; he nou studies neuroscience, examinin the molecular, cellular an neuronal basis o memory formation an retrieval.

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