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View o Springburn frae aircraft leukin eastlins (2017)
Springburn is located in Scotland
Location within Scotland
Population12,064 (2012)
OS grid referenceNS607678
• Edinburgh65km
• Lunnon557km
Cooncil area
Lieutenancy area
  • Glesga
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounGlesga
Postcode destrictG21
Diallin code0141
EU PairlamentScotland
UK Pairlament
Scots Pairlament
Leet o places
55°52′59″N 4°13′43″W / 55.883141°N 4.228525°W / 55.883141; -4.228525Coordinates: 55°52′59″N 4°13′43″W / 55.883141°N 4.228525°W / 55.883141; -4.228525

Springburn (Gaelic: Allt an Fhuairain) is a destrict intae northren Glesga. The area is steidit juist benorth the toun. Maist fowk that bides in Springburn is wirkin-cless fowk. Thare wis 12,064 fowk bidin in Springburn in 2012.[1] Stairtin as a wee weavin communitie, Springburn uised tae hae train-biggin in the 19t and 20t centuries that makkit Springburn growe tae be the Scots railwey metropolis it ance wis.[2] The heid o Springburn wis etten wi Glesga in 1872, wi the lave o it follaein in 1891 alang wi Balornock an Barmulloch. Springburn haes a pairk, a hie-schuil, a college, a Hospital, a Shoppin Centre, and a Health Centre

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Map o North Glesga wi Springburn in the middle o it, setten furth in 1923

The Barnhill Puirhoose wis opent in 1850. Puir fowk that coudna support thairsels wis sent here an thay wis made tae dui jobs the likes o rowin up kindlers, sinderin tar-raip fibres, an brakkin rocks. It's name wad be chynged tae Foresthauch Hospital (English: Foresthall Hospital) in 1945 an wis syne uised as a hospital and care hoose for auld fowk. It wis caaed doun in the 1980s.[3]

The Blocks wis a curn raws biggit in 1865 for fowk wirkin tae the nearby Coulairs warks an Eastfield rinnin sheds. As weel as factorie wirkers, thay wis hame tae drivers, firemen, signalmen an gairds. The fowk that bade in the Blocks likit thaim, tho the Blocks wis like tae be fluidit. The Blocks wis caaed doun in 1967, an wis replaced wi five an sax fluir deck-access blocks that wis biggit atween 1971 an 1976. Thir new deck-access blocks wis pairt o the Fernbank schame. Thay wad come tae hae tairible biggin fauts as weel as social iesues, an wis shutten in 1988. Wark got stairtit tae dui up the biggins in 1989, duiin awa wi the deck-touers an biggin slopin ruifs.[4][5]

The Public Haa wis biggit in the early 1900s, efter fowk bidin in Springburn haed been campaignin for a haa that coud haud big public gaitherins. Whan the foond stane wis layed, Baillie Samuel Chisholm lat licht that "Springburn is the petted and spoiled child of the Corporation". He wad syne open the biggin offiecial-like as Lord Provost on the 16 Mey 1902. The reid saundstane biggin wis designed by William B Whitie, the bodie that designed the public librar an aa. The Reid faimilie peyed for it, as pairt o a greement that the Corporation wad big some winter gairdens in Springburn Pairk.[6] The public haa wis on the thrive, tho it's prices wis dear. It wad bide a public haa til the 1960s whan it becam a sports centre. The Public Haa wis shutten in the mid 1980s. The Public Haa wis caaed doun in December 2012 ower the heid o the structur no bein sauf.[7] New flats is bein biggit in room o't the nou.[8]

A lot o Springburn wis biggit ower in the 1960s til the 1980s. A lot o the auld biggins wis caaed doun. Springburn Road wis re-aligned and makkit intil a expresswey in the 1980s. The Librar and sports centre that's thare the nou wis biggit in the 80s & 90s whaur the Kay Street Baths uised tae be.[9]

The Railweys[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Glesga an Garnkirk railwey opent in 1831 an wis peyed for by Chairles Tennant & Companie o the St. Rollox chemical warks. This wis the stairt o the railwey industrie that wad later see Springburn come tae be the biggest ingine bigger in Europe.[10]

Springburn Railwey Station wis biggit frae 1885 til 1887 on the Ciety o Glesga Union Line, wi trains rinnin tae an frae St Enoch doun the toun. The station haes twa throu platforms, an twa bay platforms.[11]

The train-biggin companies o Springburn melled wi ither in the early 1900s, becomin the North British Railwey Company.

Efter the Seicont Warld War, Springburn's train-biggin cam tae be aff the thrive. Ower the heid o financial losses, as weel as diesel and electric ingines that's design wis puir, the NBL wis bankruptit in the early 1960s. Aboot 4,500 wirkers wis oot o wark ower the heid o it.[12] St Rollox wis modernised in 1965, at a cost o £1.5 million. Coulairs wad shut doun, maugre o the protests that haed been ettelt at saufin the warks.[13]

Springburn Pairk[eedit | eedit soorce]

The disjaskit A-listit Winter Gairdens in Springburn Pairk, August 2008.

The Glesga Corporation got the laund for Springburn Pairk in 1892. Back syne, the laund wis uised for fairmin, an thare wis whit wis left o a auld quarrel an a airnstane pit. The pairk wad get mair laund in 1900 whan Hugh Reid bocht a bit o nearby Cockmuir an gied it tae the ciety sae's thay coud mak the pairk bigger.[14] The hiechest pynt in Glesga is the hill in the pairk, at 107 metre (351ft) abuin sea level. The hill is actually whit's left o a auld waste bing, a byproduct o the naurby auld airnstane mine. Cockmuir Reservoir, that wis on the heid o the hill in the pairk, wis a pairt o Glesga's watter supply. Thare wis a white watter touer that wis biggit in 1939. It wis caaed doun in 1978. The watterwarks in the pairk nou haes a reservoir that's serred by the mains supply frae Milngavie, an can haud five million gallon, aboot a day's watter supply.[15]

The Winter Gairdens, a Grade A-listit biggin, wis biggit by the Corporation as a condietion for acceptin a gift o £12,000 aff Hugh Reid tae pey for biggin the Springburn Public Haas.[14] The Winter Gairdens wis shutten in the mid 1980s an haes layen unuised sin syne. Storm winds blew aff whit wis left o the ruif's gless panes in the mid 1990s. The'r a ongaun campaign tae sauf the Winter Gairdens. Essential structural repairs wis cairit oot in 2017.[16]

Transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Rail transport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sprinbgurn railwey station in Mairch 2008.

Springburn haes twa railwey stations; Springburn, and Barnhill. Trains rins tae the Toun, Dennistoun, Pairtick, Clydebank, Dalmuir, Robroyston, Cummernaud, Fawkirk, Powemont, Lithgae, and Edinburgh. Thare uised tae be a line frae Mairyhill Central and Possil that gaed til Stobhill Hospital, and gaun by the Reid Road doun tae Dalmarnock efterhaund.

Buses[eedit | eedit soorce]

Springburn haes a curn bus services that gangs tae places the likes o Beeshop Rigs, Riddrie, Pairkheid, Kirkintilloch, Possilpairk, Mairyhill, Pairtick, Govan and the Toun.

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