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The Honourable
Sheikh Hasina
শেখ হাসিনা
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10th Prime meenister of Bangladesh
Assumed office
6 Januar 2009
Preses Iajuddin Ahmed
Zillur Rahman
Abdul Hamid
Precedit bi Fakhruddin Ahmed (Acting)
In office
23 Juin 1996 – 15 Julie 2001
Preses Abdur Rahman Biswas
Shahabuddin Ahmed
Precedit bi Muhammad Habibur Rahman (Acting)
Succeeded by Latifur Rahman (Acting)
Leader of the Opposition
In office
10 October 2001 – 29 October 2006
Precedit bi Khaleda Zia
Succeeded by Khaleda Zia
In office
20 Mairch 1991 – 30 Mairch 1996
Precedit bi A. S. M. Abdur Rab
Succeeded by Khaleda Zia
Personal details
Born 28 September 1947 (1947-09-28) (age 68)
Tungipara, East Bengal, Pakistan
(now in Bangladesh)
Poleetical pairty Awami League
Ither poleetical
Grand Alliance (2008–present)
Alma mater Eden Girls' College

Sheikh Hasina (Bengali: শেখ হাসিনা; Inglis /ˈʃx həˈsnə/, SHAYKH hə-SEE-nə; born 28 September 1947), haes been Prime Meenister o Bangladesh syne 2009; she servit in that position frae 1996 to 2001. Hasina haes led the Bangladesh Awami League syne 1981. She is the eldest o five childer o Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the foondin faither an first President of Bangladesh, and widow of M. A. Wazed Miah, a nuclear scientist. Hasina's pairty defeated the BNP-led Four-Party Alliance in the 2008 parliamentary election, assuring her of the post o prime meenister. Hasina's poleetical career haes spanned more than fower decades durin which she haes been baith Prime Meenister an opposition leader. As opposition leader, she wis the target o an assassination attempt in 2004. In 2007, she wis arrestit for corruption an chairgit wi murther bi the militar-backit Caretaker govrenment durin the 2006-2008 Bangladeshi poleetical creesis, when the generals imponit a state o emergency. She returned as Prime Meenister efter a landslide victory for the Awami League-led Grand Alliance in 2008, when they teuk twa-thirds o the seats in pairlament.

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Poleetical offices
Precedit bi
Muhammad Habibur Rahman
Prime Meenister o Bangladesh
Succeedit bi
Latifur Rahman
Precedit bi
Fakhruddin Ahmed
Prime Meenister o Bangladesh