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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান
1st Preses o Bangladesh
In office
11 Apryle 1971 – 12 Januar 1972
Prime Meenister Tajuddin Ahmad
Preceded by Position established
Succeeded by Nazrul Islam (Acting)
In office
25 Januar 1975 – 15 August 1975
Prime Meenister Muhammad Mansur Ali
Preceded by Mohammad Mohammadullah
Succeeded by Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad
2nt Prime Meenister o Bangladesh
In office
12 Januar 1972 – 24 Januar 1975
Preses Abu Sayeed Chowdhury
Mohammad Mohammadullah
Preceded by Tajuddin Ahmad
Succeeded by Muhammad Mansur Ali
Personal details
Born 17 Mairch 1920(1920-03-17)
Tungipara, Bengal Presidency, Breetish Indie
(nou in Bangladesh)
Died 15 August 1975(1975-08-15) (aged 55)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Naitionality Bangladeshi
Poleetical pairty Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Awami League (1975)
Ither poleetical
All-India Muslim League (Afore 1949)
Awami League (1949–1975)
Alma mater Maulana Azad College
Varsity o Dhaka
Releegion Islam

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Bengali: শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান Shekh Mujibur Rôhman; Urdu: مجيب الرحمن), (Mairch 17, 1920 – August 15, 1975) wis a Bengali politeecian an statesman who wis the foondin leader o the Fowkrepublic o Bangladesh.[1] He heidit the Awami League an servit as the first Preses o Bangladesh, an later as Prime Meenister. He is popularly referred tae as Sheikh Mujib (shortened as Mujib or Mujibur, no Rahman), wi the honorar title o Bangabandhu (বঙ্গবন্ধু Bôngobondhu, "Friend o Bengal"), an widely revered in Bangladesh as the foondin faither o the naition. His eldest dochter, Sheikh Hasina, is the present leader o the Awami League an the current Prime Meenister o Bangladesh.

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Poleetical offices
New office Preses o Bangladesh
Succeedit bi
Nazrul Islam
Precedit bi
Tajuddin Ahmed
Prime Meenister o Bangladesh
Succeedit bi
Muhammad Mansur Ali
Precedit bi
Mohammad Mohammadullah
Preses o Bangladesh
Succeedit bi
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