Shah Alam

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Shah Alam
شاه عالم
State Caipital
Offeecial seal o Shah Alam شاه عالم
Nickname(s): Bandar Anggerik
(Orchid Ceety)
Motto(s): 'Indah Bestari'
(Bonnie, Brilliant)
Shah Alam شاه عالم is locatit in Peninsular Malaysia
Shah Alam شاه عالم
Shah Alam
شاه عالم
Location in the Peninsular Malaysie
Coordinates: 3°5′00″N 101°32′00″E / 3.08333°N 101.53333°E / 3.08333; 101.53333
Kintra Malaysie
State Selangor
Establishment 1963
Grantit State Caipital Status 7 Dizember 1978
 • Mayor Dato' Mohd. Jaafar Bin Mohd. Atan
 • Total 290.3 km2 (112.1 sq mi)
Population (Juin 2011)
 • Tot 646,890 (Census 2,011)
Time zone MST (UTC+8)
 • Simmer (DST) No observit (UTC)

Shah Alam /ʃɑː ˈɑːləm/ is the state caipital o Selangor, Malaysie an situatit athin the Petaling Destrict an a smaw portion o the neebourin Klang Destrict. It is locatit aboot 25 kilometres (16 mi) wast o the kintra's caipital, Kuala Lumpur. Shah Alam replacit Kuala Lumpur as the caipital ceety o the state o Selangor in 1978 due tae Kuala Lumpur's incorporation intae a Federal Territory in 1974. Shah Alam wis the first planned ceety in Malaysie efter unthirldom frae Breetain in 1957.