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Setturday is the day o the week atween Friday an Sunday. Its name is the ae ane amang the names o days, in that it cams fae the Roman god Saturn, while the ither sax names is derived fae Saxon gods.

Bi tradeetion comin fae the auncient Jews, Setturday is the hindmaist day o the week. That convention remains universallie standard i' the United States, bit in modnen Europe mony fowks nou think o Setturday as the saxt (forelast) day o the week, an Sunday the last. The modren European convention haes been makkit formal bi ISO 8601. On the ither haund, in mony Islamic kintras, Setturdays is the first day o the week, wi Fridays as holidays.

I' the popular rime, "Setturday's bairn wirks hard for a livin".

In auncient Jewish tradeetion Setturday is the saabath. Mony leids disnae hiv separate words for "Setturday" an "saabath". Eastren Orthodox kirks distinguish atween the saabath (Setturday) an the Lord's day (Sunday). Roman Catholics put gey wee emphasis on that distinction at mony amang them follae – at least in colloquial leid – the Protestant practice o namin Sunday the saabath. Quakers tradeetionally caa Setturday the "Sevent Day" eschewing the "heathen" origin o the name.

In Scandinavie kintras, Setturday is caad Lördag or Laurdag etc., the name camin fae the auld wird laugr, meanin bath, sicweys Lördag equates tae bath-day.

The modren Maori name for it, Rahoroi, means "washing-day".

In mony kintras whaur Sundays are holidays, Setturday is pairt o the weekend, an is tradeetionallie a day o restin. Mony parties are held on Setturdays, acause it foregangs Sunday, anither day o rest. It is common for clubs, bars an restaurants til open later on Setturday nicht nor on ither nichts.

Setturday is the uisual day for elections in Australie an the ae day in New Zealand at elections can be held on.

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