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Setturday is the day o the week atween Friday an Sunday. Its name is the anerly yin amang the names o days thit comes fae the Roman god Saturn, while the ither sax names is derived fae Saxon gods.[1]

Bi tradeetion comin fae the auncient Jews, Setturday is the hindmaist day o the week.[2] That convention remeens the universal standard in the United States, bit in modren Europe mony fowks nou think o Setturday as the saxt (forelast) day o the week, an Sunday the last.[3] The modren European convention haes been makkit formal bi ISO 8601.[4] On the ither haund, in mony Islamic kintras, Setturdays is the first day o the week, wi Fridays as holidays.[5]

In auncient Jewish tradeetion Setturday is the saabath.[2] Mony leids disnae hiv separate words for "Setturday" an "saabath".[6] Eastren Orthodox kirks distinguish atween the saabath (Setturday) an the Lord's day (Sunday). Roman Catholics pits gey wee emphasis on that distinction at mony amang them follae – at least in colloquial leid – the Protestant practice o namin Sunday the saabath. Quakers tradeetionally caw Setturday the "Sevent Day" eschewing the "heathen" origin o the name.

In Scandinavie kintras, Setturday is caad Lördag or Laurdag etc., the name camin fae the auld wird laugr, meanin bath, sicweys Lördag equates tae bath-day.

The modren Maori name for it, Rahoroi, means "washing-day".[citation needit]

In popular rhyme, "Setturday's bairn wirks hard for a livin".[7]

In mony kintras whaur Sundays are holidays, Setturday is pairt o the weekend, an is tradeetionally a day o restin. Mony parties are haud on Setturdays, acause it foregangs Sunday, anither day o rest. It is common for clubs, bars an restaurants til open later on Setturday nicht nor on ither nichts.

Setturday is the uisual day for elections in Australie[8] an the ae day in New Zealand at elections can be held on.[9]

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