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Schlei near Kappeln
Cairt showin the Schlei

The Schlei (Dens: Slien) is a narrae inlet o the Easter Seas in Schleswig-Holstein in northren Germany. It stretches for approximately 20 mile frae the Easter near Kappeln an Arnis tae the ceety o Schleswig. Alang the Schlei are mony smaw bays an swamps. It separates the Angeln peninsula tae the north frae the Schwansen peninsula tae the sooth.

The important Viking dounset o Hedeby wis locatit at the heid o the firth (fjord), but wis later abandoned in favor o the ceety o Schleswig. A museum haes been biggit on the steid, tellin the story o the abandoned toun.

Coordinates: 54°35′N 9°50′E / 54.59°N 9.83°E / 54.59; 9.83