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The Firth o Forth an its surroonds
Cairt o the Moray Firth

Firth is the wird uised for tae denote sindry coastal watters in Scotland. In mainland Scotland it is uised for tae descrive a lairge sea bay, or even a kyle. In the Northren Isles it mair aften refers tae a smawer inlat. It is linguistically cognate tae fjord (baith frae Proto-Germanic *ferþuz) that haes a mair hauden in sense in Scots; a firth wad maist lik be cried a fjord if it war situate in Scandinavie. Pairts o watter named "firths" tend tae be mair common on the aest coast, or in the soothwast o the kintra, awtho the Firth o Lorn is an exception tae this. The Hieland coast contains numerous estuaries, straits an inlats o a seemilar kynd, no cried "firth", e.g. the Minch, an Loch Torridon; thae are aft cried sea lochs.