Saunt Lawrence River

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Saunt Lawrence River
Fleuve Saint-Laurent
St. Lawrence River near Alexandria Bay
Kintras Canadae, Unitit States
State/Provinces Ontario, Quebec, New York
Soorce Loch Ontario
 - location Kingston, Ontario / Cape Vincent, New York
 - elevation 74.7 m (245 ft)
 - coordinates 44°06′N 76°24′W / 44.100°N 76.400°W / 44.100; -76.400
Mooth Gulf o St. Lawrence / Atlantic Ocean
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 49°30′N 64°30′W / 49.500°N 64.500°W / 49.500; -64.500Coordinates: 49°30′N 64°30′W / 49.500°N 64.500°W / 49.500; -64.500
Lenth 1,197 km (744 mi)
Basin 1,344,200 km2 (519,000 sq mi) [1]
Discharge for ablo the Saguenay River
 - average 16,800 m3/s (590,000 cu ft/s) [2]
Cairt o the St. Lawrence/Great Lakes Wattershed

The Saunt Lawrence River or St. Lawrence River (French: Fleuve Saint-Laurent; Tuscarora: Kahnawáʼkye;[3] Mohawk: Kaniatarowanenneh, meanin "big waterway") is a lairge river flowin approximately frae soothwast tae northeast in the middle latitudes o North Americae, connectin the Great Lochs wi the Atlantic Ocean.

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