Loch Ontario

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Loch Ontario
Wave in Lake Ontario.jpg
Leukin east across Loch Ontario tae Toronto
Loch Ontario an the ither Great Lochs
LocationNorth Americae
GroupGreat Lochs
Coordinates43°42′N 77°54′W / 43.7°N 77.9°W / 43.7; -77.9Coordinates: 43°42′N 77°54′W / 43.7°N 77.9°W / 43.7; -77.9
Loch teepGlacial
Primary inflowsNiagara River
Primar ootflowsSt. Lawrence River
Catchment aurie24,720 sq mi (64,000 km2)[1]
Basin kintrasUnitit States
Max. lenth193 mi (311 km)[2]
Max. weenth53 mi (85 km)[2]
Surface aurie7,340 sq mi (19,000 km2)[1]
Average deepth283 ft (86 m)[2][3]
Max. deepth802 ft (244 m)[2][3]
Watter vollum393 cu mi (1,640 km3)[2]
Residence time6 years
Shore lenth1634 mi (1,020 km) plus 78 mi (126 km) for islands[4]
Surface elevation243 ft (74 m)[2]
SettlementsToronto, Hamilton, Ontario, Rochester, New York
1 Shore lenth is nae a weel-defined meisur.

Loch Ontario (Inglis: Lake Ontario, French: Lac Ontario) is ane o the five Great Lochs o North Americae.

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