Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

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Cathedral o Santiago de Compostela
Basílica de Santiago 02.JPG
The Wastren façade o the cathedral as seen frae the Praza do Obradoiro.
Basic information
Location Santiago de Compostela, Galicie, Spain
Geographic coordinates 42°52′50″N 8°32′40″W / 42.880602°N 8.544377°W / 42.880602; -8.544377Coordinates: 42°52′50″N 8°32′40″W / 42.880602°N 8.544377°W / 42.880602; -8.544377
Affiliation Roman Catholic
District Santiago de Compostela
Heritage designation 1896, 1985
Leadership Airchbishop Julián Barrio Barrio
Architectural description
Airchitectural type Cathedral
Architectural style Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque
Direction o façade Wast
Grundbreakin 1060
Completit 1211
Capacity 1,200
Lenth 100 metres (330 ft)
Width 70 metres (230 ft)
Hicht (max) 75 metres (246 ft)
Spire(s) 2
Offeecial name: Santiago de Compostela (Auld Toun)
Criteria: i, ii, vi
Designatit: 1985[1]
Reference No. 320bis
Invalid designation
Official name: Catedral Igrexa Catedral Metropolitana
Designatit: 22 August 1896
Reference No. (R.I.) - 51 - 0000072 - 00000[2]

The Cathedral o Santiago de Compostela (Galician: Catedral de Santiago de Compostela) is pairt o the Roman Catholic Airchdiocese o Santiago de Compostela, an is an integral component o the Santiago de Compostela Warld Heritage Steid in Galicie, Spain. The cathedral is the reputit burial place o Saunt James the Great, ane o the apostles o Jesus Christ. The cathedral haes historically been a place o pilgrimage on the Way o St. James syne the Early Middle Ages, an merks the tradeetional end o the pilgrimage route. The biggin is a Romanesque structur, wi later Gothic an Baroque addeetions.

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