Santa María Cahabón

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Santa María Cahabón
Santa María Cahabón is locatit in Guatemala
Santa María Cahabón
Santa María Cahabón
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 15°36′20″N 89°48′45″W / 15.60556°N 89.81250°W / 15.60556; -89.81250
Kintra Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Depairtment Alta Verapaz
Municipality Santa María Cahabón
 • Total 900 km2 (300 sq mi)
Elevation 250 m (820 ft)
Population (2005)
 • Tot 31,425 [1]
Time zone GMT -6

Cahabón is a municipality in the Guatemalan depairtment o Alta Verapaz. It is situatit at 250m abuin sea level. It contains 31,425 fowk. It covers a terrain o 900km2. The annual festival is September 1-September 8.

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