Santa Cruz del Quiché

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Santa Cruz del Quiché
Santa Cruz del Quiché, 2007
Santa Cruz del Quiché, 2007
Kintra Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Depairtment El Quiché
Municipality Santa Cruz del Quiché
 • Teep Municipal
 • Municipality 311 km2 (120 sq mi)
Elevation 2,021 m (6,631 ft)
Heichest elevation 2,500 m (8,200 ft)
Lawest elevation 1,500 m (4,900 ft)
Population (Census 2002)[1]
 • Municipality 62,369
 • Urban 20,870
 • Ethnicities K'iche', Ladino
 • Releegions Roman Catholicism, Evangelicalism, Maya

Santa Cruz del Quiché is a ceety in Guatemala. It serves as the caipital o El Quiché depairtment an the municipal seat o Santa Cruz del Quiché municipality.

The ceety is locatit at 15°02′N 91°09′W / 15.03°N 91.15°W / 15.03; -91.15, at an elevation o 2,021 m (6,631 feet) abuin sea level. The urban population wis aboot 21,000 fowk in 2003.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Santa Cruz del Quiché wis foondit bi Pedro de Alvarado, a companion an seicont in-command o conquistador Hernán Cortés, efter he burned doun the nearbi Maya caipital ceety o Q'umarkaj (or Utatlán, in the Nahuatl leid). The auldest biggins, includin a lairge cathedral an clock touer in the central plaza, wur constructit oot o the stanes o the Q'umarkaj ruins bi the Dominicans. Some think it likely that it wis in Santa Cruz where a group o anonymous K'iche' nobles o the Nim Ch'okoj class transcribit the Popol Vuh, the sacred text o the Maya.

In Santa Cruz, the umwhile rulers o Q'umarkaj wur reducit tae the status o peasant. As the livin conditions wur so pitiful in the ceety, the toun o Chichicastenango, aboot 20 miles tae the sooth o Santa Cruz, began tae swell wi the immigration o displacit Mayas an suin passed up Santa Cruz in baith size an importance.

Santa Cruz del Quiché haes an airport.

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