San Pedro Sacatepéquez, San Marcos

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San Pedro Sacatepéquez
San Pedro Sacatepéquez is located in Guatemala
San Pedro Sacatepéquez
San Pedro Sacatepéquez
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°58′00″N 91°46′00″W / 14.96667°N 91.76667°W / 14.96667; -91.76667
Kintra Guatemala
DepairtmentSan Marcos
2,330 m (7644 ft)
 • Total63,688

San Pedro Sacatepéquez is a municipality in the San Marcos depairtment o Guatemala wi a territory o 148 km2 at 2330 m altitude. The population is 63 688.

The toun is connectit wi the toun o San Marcos. San Pedro wis namit efter the Saunt Peter an a rooster is the offeecial mascot. Fowk born in the ceety are kent as Shecanos acause o a local pastry "sheca" famous throuoot Guatemala. The ceety is locatit en route tae Quetzaltenango in a valley cried La Ermita y la Esmeralda. Rivalry wi the caipital ceety o San Marcos haes existit frae its beginnings awtho maistly in sports wi some events turnin tae violence. San Pedro thocht tae be the real caipital o the depairtment acause for mony years the majority o businesses wur locatit thare as supposed tae San Marcos housomeivver, Varsities, private schuils an a militar schuil are athin San Marcos. The aurie as a whole is kent for its sweaters an wairm clothin an aw. The Mayan population wears some o the maist colorful teepical garments in the kintra uisually in bricht yellaes, greens an blues. They speak their awn leid an aw an Spainyie is their seicont.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

Deportivo San Pedro fitbaa club hae been playin in the seicont tier o Guatemalan fitbaa syne 1996.[1]

They play their hame gemmes in the Estadio Municipal San Pedro Sacatepequez.[2]

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