El Tumbador

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El Tumbador
El Tumbador is located in Guatemala
El Tumbador
El Tumbador
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°51′45″N 91°56′6″W / 14.86250°N 91.93500°W / 14.86250; -91.93500
DepairtmentSan Marcos
 • Total40,520

El Tumbador is a municipality in the San Marcos depairtment o Guatemala. The population is maistly o Mam fowk, who speak thair awn leid. It wis foondit in 1878.

The main soorce o income is agricultur—farmin an ainimal husbandry. Fowk produce maistly coffee, but an aa succarcane, beans, cassava, fruits an spices—cardamom an macadamia. Cattle, horse, sheep an goats are bred in the aurie as well.

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Coordinates: 14°52′N 91°56′W / 14.867°N 91.933°W / 14.867; -91.933