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Samia Suluhu Hassan

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Samia Suluhu Hassan
Suluhu in May 2017
6th Preses o Tanzanie
Assumed office
19 Mairch 2021
Prime MeenisterKassim Majaliwa
Vice PresesTBD
Precedit biJohn Magufuli
10th Vice-Preses o Tanzanie
In office
5 November 2015 – 19 March 2021
PresesJohn Magufuli
Precedit biMohamed Gharib Bilal
Succeedit biTBD
Minister o State for Union Affairs for the Vice-Preses' Office
In office
29 November 2010 – 5 November 2015
PresesJakaya Kikwete
Precedit biMuhammed Seif Khatib
Succeedit biJanuary Makamba
Member o Parliament
for Makunduchi
In office
November 2010 – July 2015
Succeedit biAmeir Timbe
Minister o Tourism, Trade an Investment
In office
PresesAmani Karume
Precedit biMussa A. Silima
Succeedit biSaid Ali Mbarouk
Minister o Labour, Gender Development an Children
In office
PresesAmani Karume
Personal details
Born (1960-01-27) 27 Januar 1960 (age 64)
Sultanate o Zanzibar
Poleetical pairtyCCM
Spoose(s)Hafidh Ameir (m. 1978)
Alma materIDM, Mzumbe (AdvDip)
Manchester (PGDip)
Open University o TanzanieSNHU (MSc)

Samia Suluhu Hassan (born 27 Januar 1960) is a Tanzanian politician that is servin as the saxt an tap preses o Tanzanie. She is a member o the rulin Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party. Suluhu is the third female heid o govrenment o a East African Commonty (EAC) kintra, efter Sylvie Kinigi in Burundi an Agathe Uwilingiyimana in Rwanda, an is forbye the first female preses o Tanzanie. She teuk office on Mairch 19, 2021 efter the daith o the last preses, John Magufuli, on 17 Mairch.

A native o Zanzibar, Suluhu served as a minister in the semi-autonomous region durin the administration o Preses Amani Karume. She served as the Member o Parliament for the Makunduchi constituency frae 2010 ti 2015 an wis the Minister o State in the Vice-Preses' Office for Union Affairs frae 2010 ti 2015. In 2014, she wis electit as the Vice-Chairperson o the Constituent Assembly taskit wi the draftin o the kintra's new constitution.

Suluhu becam Tanzanie's first female vice-preses follaein the 2015 general election, efter bein electit on the CCM ticket wi Preses Magufuli. Suluhu an Magufuli war re-electit til a saicont term in 2020. She brieflie served as the saicont female interim Head o State in the EAC – 27 years efter Sylvie Kinigi o Burundi, spannin a period aboot the en o the year 1993.

Early life

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Suluhu wis born on 27 Januar 1960 in the Sultanate o Zanzibar.[1]

She completit her saicondary education in 1977 an begoud workin. Subsequentlie, she pursued a nummer o short-courses on a pairt-time basis. In 1986, she graduatit frae the Institute o Development Management (present-day Mzumbe Varsity) wi a advanced diploma in public administration.[2]

Atween 1992 an 1994, she attendit the Varsity o Manchester an earned a postgraduate diploma in economics.[3] In 2015, she obtained her MSc in Community Economic Development via a joint-programme atween the Open Varsity o Tanzanie an the Soothern New Hampshire Varsity.[2]

Efter her saicondary schuil educaition, she wis employed bi the Ministry o Plannin an Development as a clerk. Upon graduation wi her public administration degree, she wis employed on a project fundit bi the Warld Food Programme.[2]

Political career

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In 2000, she decidit ti run for public office. She wis electit as a special seat member ti the Zanzibar Hoose o Representatives an wis appyntit a minister bi Preses Amani Karume. She wis the anely heich-ranking wumman minister in the cabinet an wis "leukit doun on" bi her male colleagues acause o her gender.[3] She wis re-electit in 2005 an wis re-appointit as a minister in anither portfolio.[4]

In 2010, she soucht election ti the National Assembly, standin in the parliamentary constituency o Makunduchi an winnin bi mair nor 80%.[4] Preses Jakaya Kikwete appointit her as the Minister o State for Union Affairs.[5] In 2014, she wis electit as the Vice Chairperson o the Constituent Assembly taskit wi draftin the kintra's new constitution.[6]

In Julie 2015, CCM's preses nominee John Magufuli waled her as his rinnin mate for the 2015 election, makin her the first female rinnin mate in the party's history.[7] On 5 November 2015 she subsequentlie became the first female vice-preses in the histerie o the kintra upon Magufuli's victory in the election.[8] Baith Magufuli an Suluhu war re-electit for a saicont five-year term on 28 October 2020. 

On 17 Mairch 2021, Suluhu annoonced that Magufuli hae dee't efter a lang illness; Magufuli hinnae been seen in public syne late Februar. She wis sworn in as his successor on 19 March 2021, an will serve the balance o Magufuli's saicont five-year term.[9] The delay in the stairt o her term cam acause the Constitution o Tanzanie explicitly requires the vice-preses ti tak the preses' oath afore ascendin ti the preses' office;[10] opposeetion leaders hae expressit concern aboot a possible "vacuum" whan 18 Mairch passed athoot Suluhu bein sworn in.[11] Upon her swearin-in, Suluhu became Tanzanie's first female preses.[12] She is forbye the first Zanzibari ti haud the post,[13] an the third Muslim efter Ali Hassan Mwinyi an Jakaya Kikwete.[14] She forbye becam ane o twa servin female heads o state in Africae, alangside Ethiopie's Sahle-Work Zewde.[15] Unner the Constitution, syne she teuk office wi mair nor three years remainin in Magufuli's term, she will anely be eligible for ae fu term in her ain richt shuid she decide ti stand at the nixt election efter servin oot the fu remainder o the term. 

Personal life

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In 1978, Suluhu married Hafidh Ameir, an agricultural officer that, bi 2014, hae retirit. They hae fower bairns.[3] Her dochter Wanu Hafidh Ameir (born 1982), the couple's saicont bairn, is a special seat member o the Zanzibar Hoose o Representatives.[16][17]


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