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Sabaa Al Bour

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Saab Al Bour
Saab Al Bour is located in Iraq
Saab Al Bour
Saab Al Bour
Saab Al Bour's location inside Iraq
Coordinates: 33°27′52″N 44°9′13″E / 33.46444°N 44.15361°E / 33.46444; 44.15361
Kintra Iraq
GovrenorateSaladin Province
DestrictAl Faris Destrict
 • Total254,000

Saab Al Bour or Sabaa Al Bour is a sma urban ceety locatit approximately 18 mile north wast o the ceety o Baghdad, an is locatit in the Al-Faris Destrict o the Saladin Province.[1][2] In 2003 the population o Saab Al Bour wis approximately 97,000.[3] Current population estimates for Saab Al Bour are as heich as 254,000.[4]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Saab Al Bour, in the volatile Sunni Triangle, includit a portion o the ceety kent tae locals as the Officers Block, which wis set up Saddam Hussein for memmers o the Iraqi Republican Guard an their faimilies as a retirement commonty. The majority o Saab Al Bours' inhabitants are Shia, while sma portions o the ceety an amaist aw the surroondin veelages are Sunni. Sectarian violence eruptit in the ceety in 2005 an early 2006 an some o the worst fechtin atween Shia an Sunni groups ensued, leavin hunders deid an drivin maist o the residents oot o the aurie. Iraqi security forces wi the aid o Coalition Forces teuk control o Saab Al Bour in the years efter an hae maintained the peace an security o the aurie allouin tens o thoosans o internally displacit persons tae return tae the ceety.

The ceety lees wast o the Tigris river alang an extensive canal seestem that brings needit watter for drinkin an irrigation for agricultural launds. The ceety is locatit near the Taji militar base an aw, which came unner Unitit States control follaein the 2003 Invasion o Iraq.

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