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Roushie (Roushie: Росси́я, Rossiya), kent offeecially as the Roushie Federation, is the lairgest kintra in the warld, locatit in northren Eurasie.

Roushie refers tae onything relatit tae Roushie, includin:

  • Roushies (русские, russkiye), a ethnic group o the East Slavic fowks, primarily livin in Roushie an neebourin kintras
  • Rossiyane (россияне), Roushie leid term for aw ceetizens an fowk o Roushie, regairdless o ethnicity
  • Roushophone, Roushie-speakin body (русскоговорящий, русскоязычный, russkogovoryashchy, russkoyazychny)
  • Roushie leid, the maist widely spoken o the Slavic leids
  • Roushie alphabet
  • Roushie cuisine

Roushie mey refer tae an aw:

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Ither uisses[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Roushie leather, a haurd-wearin an watter-resistant leather, whaur birch ile is wirkit intae it efter tannin.

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