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Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC
Industrie Entertainment
Foondit Apryle 1, 2003; 15 years ago (2003-04-01)
Foonders Burnie Burns
Matt Hullum
Geoff Ramsey
Jason Saldaña
Gus Sorola
Joel Heyman
Heidquarters Stage 5 and Bungalow A, Austin, Texas, U.S.
Nummer o locations
3 (2016)
Key fowk
Matt Hullum (CEO)
Burnie Burns (CCO)
Yvonne Secretan (COO)
Awner Otter Media
Nummer o employees
250+ (April 2017)[1]
Parent Fullscreen[2]
Diveesions Rooster Teeth Animation
Rooster Teeth Games
The Know
The Roost Podcast Network
Let's Play Network
Achievement Hunter
Wabsteid Rooster Teeth
Roost Podcast Network

Rooster Teeth productins, LLC, also kent as Rooster Teeth, is an American productin company locatit in Austin, Texas & Los Angeles, California. Rooster Teeth wis foonded by Burnie Burns, Matt Hullum, Geoff Ramsey, Jason Saldaña, Gus Sorola, and Joel Heyman in 2003.[1]

Rooster Teeth startit wi the productin o Rid vs. Blue, which startit in April 2003 and is still gittin made, makin it the longist-running web series o all time. The company litr branched ouf tae live action shorts, series, comedy, Let's Play videos and full animatit productins. Other projects includit reality shows, vidyo games development, entertainmit news programs and poudcasts. In 2015, Rooster Teeth released Lazer Team, a science fiction action comedy. The company hosts an annual git-togethr, RTX, in multiple cities aroond the wirld.

The company's videos ar released oun its ayn wibsit and Youtube. As o September 2017, Rooster Teeth's primri Youtube channel haes oor 9 million subscribers and oor 5.1 billion video views.[3] Including ayll o thir other channels, they maintain over 27 million subscribers.

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