River Esk, Dumfries an Gallowa

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River Esk near Kagyu Samyé Ling Monastery and Tibetan Centre at Eskdalemuir
River Esk in Langham

The River Esk (Scots Gaelic: Easg), cawed an aw in English the Border Esk, is a river in Dumfries an Gallowa, Scotland, that flowes intil the Solway Firth. It flowes an aw for a smaw wey throu the English coonty o Cumbria afore enterin the Solway.

The river rises in the hills til the east o Moffat an its twa main tributarys, the Black Esk an the White Esk, gae thegither at the soothren end o Castle O'er Forest. It flowes sootheast throu Eskdale past Langham afore infawin wi Liddel Watter that defines the mairch atween Scotland an England. Afore passin Langtoon the river enters England an mells wi the River Lyne an enters the Solway Firth near the mooth o the River Eden.

It wis umwhile ane o the boonds o the Debatable Launds as merkit bi the Scot's Dyke.

The Scotland Act 1998 (Border Rivers) Order 1999 provides that functions relatin til the management o saumon, troot, eels, an freshwatter fish in respect o the hale o the River Esk remeen wi UK meenisters: the Border Esk an its tributarys is the anely rivers in Scotland whaur an Environment Agency rod leecence is require't for anglin.

Tributarys[eedit | eedit soorce]

The various tributarys o the Esk is descrived proceedin doun the stream.

The White Esk rises as the Glendearg Burn and the Tomleuchar Burns mell syne flowe sooth throu Eskdalemuir Forest capturin the watters o the Garwald Watter at Garwaldwatterfuit syne conteenuin bi the veelage o Eskdalemuir intae Castle O'er Forest. It is follaed bi the B709 road for a muckle pairt o its coorse. The heidwatters o the Black Esk feed intil the Black Esk Pownd, fae the fuit o whase dam, the Black Esk flowes sooth tae Sandyfuird whaur it is crossed bi the B723 road. It syne turns sharp east, syne sootheast passin Castle O'er on its wey tae meet wi the White Esk tae form the River Esk.

The Meggat Watter (no tae be confuised wi Megget Watter) is a left bank tributary o the Esk that rises at the soothren mairgin o Craik Forest an flowes sooth, bein jynt bi the Stennies Watter afore its infaw wi the Esk. The Ewes Watter is a signeeficant left bank tributary o the Esk that enters the latter at Langham. Its heidwatters, the Eweslees, Mosspaul, an Carewuidrig Burns mell an flowe soothwart as the Ewes Watter for several miles, being jynt bi a rowth o forder burns, the maist signeeficant o whit is the Meikledale Burn. The dale o the Ewes Watter is follaed by the A7 road fae Cairl tae Edinburgh an bi an electricity transmission line. Wauchope Watter is a richt bank tributary o the Esk that jynes immediate doun the stream fae the Ewes Watter infaw. It rises as the Logan Watter an Bigholms Burn meet 3 mile soothwast o Langham. The Tarras Watter is a left bank tributary o the Esk that jynes it 2.5 mile sooth o Langham.

The Liddel Watter is a major tributary that enters on the left bank atween Canobie an Langtoon. It forms the boond atween Scotland an England for a while as daes its tributary, the Kershope Burn. The River Lyne enters on the left bank at Lynefuit juist abuin the normal tidal leemit o the estuary section o the Esk. The River Sark an the Kirtle Watter enter the tidal estuary o the Esk til east an wast respective o Gretna.

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