Kirtle Watter

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Kirtle Watter

The Kirtle Watter is a river in Dumfries an Gallowa in soothren Scotland. It rises on the soothren slopes o Haggy Hill whaur its heidwatters is teppit tae form Winterhope Reservoir. Ablo the dam it flowes in a generally soothlins direction passin Watterbeck an Eaglesfield til the veelage o Kirtlebrig, alang whit streek it is close follaed bi the A74(M) motorwey an West Coast Main Line railwey atween Cairl an Glesga. Fae Kirtlebrig it turns sootheastwart tae flowe by Kirkpaitrick Fleemin an on til the wast o Gretna, tae tuim intil the estuary o the Border Esk at the eastren leemit o the Solway Firth.[1]

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Coordinates: 54°59′N 3°05′W / 54.983°N 3.083°W / 54.983; -3.083