M74 motorwey

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M74 motorway shield

M74 motorway
Route information
Part of Tabliczka E05.svg E05
Lenth40 mi (60 km)
Existit1966 – present
HistoryConstructit 1966–2011
Major junctions
North endTradeston
55°51′14″N 4°16′13″W / 55.85383°N 4.270399°W / 55.85383; -4.270399 (M74 motorway (northern end))
 Junction 1.svgUK-Motorway-M8.svg
J1 → M8 motorway
Junction 4.svg UK-Motorway-M73.svg
J4 → M73 motorway
Junction 13.svg UK-Motorway-A74 (M).svg
J13 → A74(M) motorway
Sooth endAbington
55°30′24″N 3°41′51″W / 55.5067°N 3.6974°W / 55.5067; -3.6974 (M74 motorway (southern end))
Glasgow, Hamilton, East Kilbride
Road network

A74(M) motorway shield

A74(M) motorway
Route information
Part of Tabliczka E05.svg E05
Lenth45 mi (72 km)
Existit1991 – present
HistoryConstructit 1991–1999
Major junctions
(See M74 above.)
 Junction 13.svg UK-Motorway-M74.svg
J13 → M74 motorway
Junction 22.svg UK-Motorway-M6.svg
J22 → M6 motorway
54°59′51″N 3°03′22″W / 54.9975°N 3.0562°W / 54.9975; -3.0562 (A74(M) motorway (southern end))
Dumfries, Carlisle
Road network

The M74 is a motorwey in Scotland. It stairts in the sooth-wast o Glesca an rins sooth. Aboot hauf the wey tae Ingland, it becomes the A74 (M).

Wirk at baith ends o it micht stairt suin. At the northren end (in Glesca) the motorwey micht be lenthent tae jyne the M8. At the soothren end (at the mairch wi Ingland) it micht be jyned tae the M6.