Liddel Watter

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Liddel Watter
Upper reaks o Liddel Watter
Main sourcePeel Fell (Scottish side)
near Saughtree, The Mairches, Scotland
55°17′17″N 2°35′31″W / 55.288185°N 2.591997°W / 55.288185; -2.591997

The Liddel Watter is a river rinnin throu soothren Scotland an northren England, for muckle o its coorse formin the mairch atween the twa kintras, an wis umwhile ane o the boonds o the Debatable Launds.

The soorce o the Liddel Watter is aneath Peel Fell in Roxburghshire in The Mairches, whaur it is formt bi the meetin o Caddroun Burn. Womscleuch Burn, an Peel Burn. Suin efterwart, the young Liddel Watter is fed bi Dawston Burn near the veelage o Saughtree.

The river conteenas tae pick up tributarys (leetit ablo) as it follaes its soothwastren coorse, that taks it throu the veelage o Cowpshawholme (kent as Newcastleton an aw) to Kershopefuit, whaur the burn begins tae merk the Scots-English Mairch.

The Liddel Watter syne flowes intil the River Esk at Willae Puil, leukit ower bi the sconces o the umwhile castle o Liddel Strenth near Carwinley in Cumbria.

Tributarys[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Peel Burn
  • Wormscleuch Burn
  • Caddroun Burn
    • Wane Cleuch
    • Singdean Burn
  • Dawston Burn
    • Cooper Cleuch
    • Alison Syke
    • Cliffhope Burn
  • Kiln Burn (at Burnmouth Ferm)
  • Riccarton Burn (at Riccarton Ferm)
  • Larriston Burn (at Hewisbrig Cot)
    • Storff Burn
    • Little Warrington Syke
      • Bught Syke
    • Holm Sykes
  • Boghall Burn (at Dinlabyre)
  • Riever Syke (at Ovenshank)
  • Hermitage Watter (near Sandholm)
    • Hartsgarth Burn
      • Routing Burn
    • Thief Syke
    • Paddington Syke
    • Toftholm Syke
    • Roughley Burn
      • Watt's Burn
      • Roughley Syke
      • Laidlehope Burn
      • Leys Burn
    • Whitrope Burn
      • Pirryshiel Syke
      • Sundhope Burn
        • Black Cleuch
        • Windy Cleuch
    • Dinley Burn
    • Braidley Burn
      • Tongue Burn
      • Barley Burn
      • Crib Burn
    • Gorrenberry Burn
    • Billhope Burn
      • Langtae Syke
    • Chapel Grain
      • Caulker Grain
    • Twislehope Burn
  • Ryedale Burn (near Brox)
    • Ralton Burn
      • Burnt Burn
      • Rigging Syke
  • Black Burn (opposite Whithaugh)
    • Bedda Cleuch
    • Branch Cleuch
    • Hog Gill
    • Long Gill
      • Rough Gill
  • Priesthill Burn (at Whithaugh)
  • Tweeden Burn (at Tweeden Plantation)
    • Deep Sike
  • Tinnis Burn (anent Kershopefuit)
    • Todhunter Grain
    • Black Grain
    • Green Burn
  • Kershope Burn (at Kershopefuit)
    • Clark's Syke
  • Muir Burn (near Bankhead)
    • Rae Gill
  • Whitlawside Burn (near Whitlawside)
  • Archer Beck (near Crookholm)
    • Mid Cleuch
  • Rowan Burn (at Rowanburnfuit)

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