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St Edmund's Kirk, Riby
Riby is located in Lincolnshire
Location within Lincolnshire
Population134 (2001)
OS grid referenceTA184075
• Lunnon140 mi (230 km) S
Shire coonty
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Post tounGrimsby
Postcode destrictDN37
AmbulanceEast Midlands
EU PairlamentEast Midlands
UK Pairlament
Leet o places
53°33′03″N 0°12′48″W / 53.550929°N 0.21338°W / 53.550929; -0.21338Coordinates: 53°33′03″N 0°12′48″W / 53.550929°N 0.21338°W / 53.550929; -0.21338

Riby is a veelage an ceevil pairish in the West Lindsey destrict o Lincolnshire, Ingland. It is situatit approximately 4 mile (6 km) sooth-wast frae the toun o Grimsby.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare are twa scheduled barraes 650 metres sooth-wast o Riby Grove Farm. Whilst thay are nae langer visible abuin grund, the burial remains survive inside. Ane is a Neolithic lang barrae, an the ither a Bronze Age bowl barrae.[1]

A huird o 15-20,000 bronze coins datin frae Gallienus tae Aurelian (AD 253-275) wur foond in a urn covered bi a dish at Riby Wold Farm in 1953. The coins are held bi the Ashmolean Museum pendin clessification.[2] Lincoln Museum haud a further collection o 21 coins, Constantine - Gratian (AD 305-383), thocht tae be anerly pairt o a hoard foond at Riby.[3]

The pairish kirk is a Grade II* leetit building dedicatit tae Saunt Edmund an datin frae the 12t hunderyear wi a 1868 restoration bi Ferrey, an biggit frae limestane an airnstane. The wast door is late 13t-hunderyear, an thare is a blockit 12t-hunderyear door in the north aisle. The east windae records that George Tomline fundit the restoration, an thare are several memorials tae the Tomline faimily in the kirk.[4]

On 18 Juin 1645, thare wis a ceevil war clash at Riby Gapp, an the pairish register o Riby conteens the follaein entries:[5]

"Nine soldiers slaine in a skirmish in the field of Riby the day before, buried June the 19th."

"Charles Skelton, a soldiour wounded in the same skirmish, buried June the 20th."

"William Willoughbie a soldier wounded in the skirmish above named, buried July the 4th"

Riby Grove wis a kintra hoose, nou demolished, which stuid in the veelage. In 1803 Marmaduke Tomline, awner o the Riby Grove, bequeathit the hoose an estate tae George Pretyman, the Bishop o Lincoln, on condeetion that he adoptit the name Tomline. Pretyman acceptit the inheritance an thereafter adoptit the name Pretyman-Tomline. His son William Edward Pretyman Tomline wis born at Riby in 1787 an became a Member o Pairlament an Heich Sheriff o Lincolnshire for 1924–25. He in turn haed a son "Colonel" George Tomline, a Member o Pairlament an Heich Sheriff o Lincolnshire in 1852 an aw. The hoose wis demolished in 1935.

Riby School wis biggit in 1890 as Riby Naitional schuil, replacin a veelage schuil biggit in 1848 bi the Tomline faimily. It wis kent as Riby Coonty Schuil bi 1947 an closed in 1958.[6]

Notable fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

Riby is the birthplace o the fashion model an photographer Jill Kennington.[7]

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