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Repsol S.A.
Sociedad Anónima
Treddit asBMADREP
IndustrieIle an gas
PredecessorInstituto Nacional de Hidrocarburos
Foondit1987; 37 years ago (1987)
HeidquartersRepsol Campus, Madrid, Spain
Area served
Key fowk
Antonio Brufau Niubó (Chairman)
Josu Jon Imaz San Miguel (CEO)
ProductsIle an gas sploration an production, natural gas an LNG tradin an transportation, Ile refining, petrochemistry
ServicesFuel stations
RevenueDecrease €37.433 billion (2016)
Increase €1.911 billion (2016)
Increase €1.736 billion (2016)
Tot assetsIncrease €64.849 billion (2016)
Tot equityIncrease €31.111 billion (2016)
Nummer o employees
24,532 (2016)
SubsidiariesRepsol Petróleo, Repsol Butano, Repsol Química, Repsol Exploración, Petronor

Repsol S.A.[nb 1] (Spaingie pronunciation: [repˈsol]) is a fossil fuel company based in Madrid, Spain. It carries oot upstream an dounstream activities throuoot the entire warld. It haes mair nor 24,000 employees warldwide. It is vertically integratit an operates in aw auries o the ile and gas industry, includin sploration an production, refinin, distribution an mercatin, petrochemicals, pouer generation an trading.


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1948: REPESA incorporation (oil refineries locatit in Escombreras) creatit for the installation o a refinery in the Valley o Escombreras (Cartagena)

1981: Creation o INH: Public organization creatit tae integrate the various companies operatin in the oil an gas sectors in which the Spainyie state haed a controllin interest or wis the sole awner.

1986: Creation o the Repsol group: Its sole shareholder is the INH. Repsol brings thegither the companies in which the Spainyie government haed a majority awnership in the auries o Exploration an Production (oreeginally Hispanoil) an Production, Refining (oreeginally ENPETROL), Chemical an Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Butane (umwhile Butano SA) , CAMPSA an Petronor. Repsol Quimica (Alcudia).

1989: The State (INH) began the privatization o Repsol. IPO o 26% o Repsol caipital. Shares o Repsol, SA became leetit on stock exchanges in Spain an in New York.

1991: The company o Gas Natural wis formed.

1997: The State completes the process o privatization o Repsol. IPO o 10% o Repsol caipital.

1998: Repsol considers the privatization o YPF.

1999: Acquisition o YPF bi Repsol.

2007: Purchase o 14.9% bi the Petersen Group, a company o Argentinae controlled bi Enrique Eskenazi.

In November 2008 LUKoil wis interested in acquirin approximately 30% o the shares o Repsol (20% awned bi Sacyr an 10% o Caja Madrid).

2009: The company enters intae agreement wi Cuba tae extract an drill on their territory.

2010: Repsol signed an agreement for investments estimated in U$10 billion in Iran.[1]

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  1. Oreeginally a initialism for Refinería de Petróleos de Escombreras addin the wird Sol (Sun)


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  1. "GAO-10-515R Iran's Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Sectors" (PDF). United States Government Accountability Office. 23 Mairch 2010. Archived frae the original (PDF) on 5 November 2010. Retrieved 20 Mey 2010.

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