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Rebild Municipality

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Location o Rebild municipality

Rebild municipality is a municipality (Dens, kommune) in North Denmark Region in Denmark. It covers an aurie o 628 km² an a total population o 28,753 (2008).

On 1 Januar 2007 Rebild municipality wis creatit as the result o Kommunalreformen ("The Municipal Reform" o 2007), consistin o the umwhile municipalities o Nørager, Skørping an Støvring.

Danes an descendants o emigrants hae celebratit the U.S. Unthirldom Day wi barbecues, square dancin an kintra muisic ootside Rebild, a veelage 155 mile northwast o Copenhagen. The Rebild Naitional Pairk, sooth o Aalborg, wis bought bi Americans o Dens descent an donatit tae the fowk an naition o Denmark wi a single codicil- that Julie 4t be celebratit there ivery year. There are speeches an firewirks an parades, attendit bi Americans and Danes, it is a pretty amusin approximation o US celebrations. There is an aw sma museum cried The Lincoln Blokhuset (Log Cabin) that is far grander than onything auld Abe lived in till he wis electit Preses.

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Coordinates: 56°53′10″N 9°49′10″E / 56.8861°N 9.81944°E / 56.8861; 9.81944