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Mariagerfjord Municipality

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Location o Mariagerfjord municipality

Mariagerfjord is a municipality (Dens, kommune) in North Denmark Region in Denmark. It covers an aurie o 769 km² an a total population o 42,667 (2008).

A sailboat in Mariager Fjord

On 1 Januar 2007 Mariagerfjord municipality wis creatit as the result o Kommunalreformen ("The Municipal Reform" o 2007), consistin o the umwhile municipalities o Arden, Hadsund an Hobro, an pairt o Mariager Municipality.

The municipality consists o the land aroond Mariager Fjord frae which the municipality takes its name.

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Coordinates: 56°41′N 9°56′E / 56.683°N 9.933°E / 56.683; 9.933