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Hjørring Municipality

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Location o Hjørring municipality athin Denmark
Hjørring - Springvandspladsen

Hjørring Municipality is a municipality (Dens: kommune) in the North Denmark Region on the wast coast o the island o Vendsyssel-Thy at the top o the Jutland peninsulae in northren Denmark. The municipality covers an aurie o 929,58 km², makkin it the lairgest in Vendsyssel, an it haes a total population o 67,121 (2008). Its current mayor is Arne Boelt, a member o the Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne) poleetical pairty.

The main toun an the steid o its municipal cooncil is the toun o Hjørring. Ither touns in the municipality includes the harbour toun o Hirtshals tae the north, sea side resorts Løkken an Lønstrup tae the wast, Tårs an Vrå tae the sooth an Sindal an Bindslev tae the East.

On 1 Januar 2007 Hjørring municipality wis, as the result o Kommunalreformen ("The Municipal Reform" o 2007), mergit wi existin Hirtshals, Løkken-Vrå, an Sindal municipalities tae form an enlairgit Hjørring municipality.

The toun o Hjørring

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The toun o Hjørring is the lairgest toun in Vendsyssel an haes a population o 24,789 (2004). It is ane o Denmark's auldest touns, an it celebratit its 750 year anniversary as a mercat toun in 1993.

Airchaeological discoveries show that the aurie wis awready populatit 10,000 years ago.

A major fire burned doun hintle o the toun in 1819.

There are guid educational opportunities in the toun includin a gymnasium (the Dens equivalent o a heich schuil/pre college), a business gymnasium an a nursin schuil.

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Coordinates: 57°28′N 9°59′E / 57.467°N 9.983°E / 57.467; 9.983