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Rabia, Iraq

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View o Rabia's eastren side.
View o Rabia's eastren side.
Rabia is located in Iraq
Coordinates: 36°48′17″N 42°5′20″E / 36.80472°N 42.08889°E / 36.80472; 42.08889
Kintra Iraq
ProvinceNinawa Province

Rabia a sma Iraqi border crossin toun atween Iraq an Sirie on the road atween Qamishli, Sirie an Mosul, Iraq. The border crossin wis closed durin the Iraq truip surge operation in 2007. It opened again in Juin 2009 efter increased security in Wastren Ninawa Province.

The ceety's primary economic sector is illegal smugglin, though thare are legitimate fricht an human migration atween Sirie tae Iraq. Migrants are scanned uisin retina scannin technology.

In August 2003, Sirie inauguratit the Rabia railwey station. It wis annooncit that thare wad be twa guids' trains a week, wi a passenger service tae follae. As o October 2009, the passenger train arrives at the Rabiyah station on Wadensday efternuins in the direction o Damascus an on Seturday fore-nuins in the direction o Mosul. [1] The standard gauge railwey line frae Rabia is linkit tae Baghdad via Mosul.

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