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Pythagoras (Πυθαγόρας)
Bust o Pythagoras o Samos in the Capitoline Museums, Roum
Bornc. 570 BC
Dee'dc. 495 BC (aged aroond 75)
EraAuncient filosofie
RegionWastren filosofie
Main interests
Metapheesics, Muisic, Mathematics, Ethics, Politics
Notable ideas
Musica universalis, Pythagorean tunin, Pythagorean theorem

Pythagoras o Samos (/pɪˈθæɡərəs/; Ancient Greek: Πυθαγόρας ὁ Σάμιος, romanised: Pythagóras ho Sámios, lit. 'Pythagoras the Samian', or simply Πυθαγόρας; Πυθαγόρης in Ionian Greek; c. 570 BC – c. 495 BC)[1][2] was an Ionian Greek philosopher of possible Syrian[3]origin, cult leader(honestly i would defenetly join bc it sounds fun), an foonder o the releegious movement cried Pythagoreanism.

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