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Pyrenees Moontains
Spaingie: Pirineos
French: Pyrénées
Catalan: Pirineus
Aragonese: Pirineus
Occitan: Pirenèus
Basque: Pirinioak, Auñamendiak
Central pyrenees.jpg
Central Pyrenees
Heichest pynt
Elevation3,404 m (11,168 ft)
Coordinates42°37′56″N 00°39′28″E / 42.63222°N 0.65778°E / 42.63222; 0.65778
Lenth491 km (305 mi)
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KintrasFraunce, Spain and Andorra
Range coordinates42°40′N 1°00′E / 42.667°N 1.000°E / 42.667; 1.000Coordinates: 42°40′N 1°00′E / 42.667°N 1.000°E / 42.667; 1.000
Age o rockPaleozoic and Mesozoic
Teep o rockgranite, gneiss, limestane

The Pyrenees (Spaingie: Pirineos [piɾiˈneos], French: Pyrénées [piʁene], Aragonese: Pirineus, Catalan: Pirineus [piɾiˈnɛus], Occitan: Pirenèus, Basque: Pirinioak [piˈɾinioˌak] or Auñamendiak [auˈɲamendiˌak]) is a range o moontains in soothwast Europe that forms a naitural border atween Fraunce an Spain. Reachin a hicht o 3,404 metres (11,168 ft) altitude at the peak o Aneto, the range separates the Iberian Peninsula frae the rest o continental Europe, an extends for aboot 491 km (305 mi) frae the Bay o Biscay (Cap Higuer) tae the Mediterranean Sea (Cap de Creus).