Puerto Barrios

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Puerto Barrios
Puerto Barrios is located in Guatemala
Puerto Barrios
Puerto Barrios
Coordinates: 15°43′N 88°35′W / 15.717°N 88.583°W / 15.717; -88.583
Kintra Guatemala
 • Total40,900

Puerto Barrios is a ceety in Guatemala, locatit athin the Guwf o Honduras. The bay in which the harbour is locatit is cried Bahia de Amatique. Puerto Barrios is the depairtmental seat o Izabal depairtment an the admeenistrative seat o Puerto Barrios municipality.

Puerto Barrios wis namit efter Preses Justo Rufino Barrios in 1884.[1] It is Guatemala's main Caribbean Sea port, thegither wi its mair modren twin port toun juist tae the soothwast, Santo Tomás de Castilla. In 2003 the estimatit population o Puerto Barrios wis 40,900 fowk.

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