El Estor

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El Estor
El Estor is located in Guatemala
El Estor
El Estor
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 15°32′00″N 89°21′00″W / 15.53333°N 89.35000°W / 15.53333; -89.35000
Kintra Guatemala
DepairtmentIzabal Depairtment

El Estor is a municipality in the Izabal depairtment o Guatemala.

Afore roads an railroads, Lake Izabal wis the link atween Alta Verapaz an the rest o the warld. Wha is nou kent as "El Estor" wis the laundin an tradin post for cargo an travelers tae frontier touns such as Cobán. Commonly referred tae as "the store" in Inglis, the name evolved tae its present form due tae Spainyie-speakers style o pronunciation an spellin.

Recent construction o roads haes left El Estor a minor port visitit maistly bi locals an the adventurous traveler.

The population o El Estor consists lairgely o Kekchi speakin indigenous fowk.