Province o Naples

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Province o Naples
Coat of airms o Province o Naples
Coat airms
Map heichlichtin the location o the province o Naples in Italy
Map heichlichtin the location o the province o Naples in Italy
Kintra Italy
 • PresesLuigi Cesaro (PDL)
 • Total1171.13 km2 (452.18 sq mi)
 • Total3,079,087
 • Density2,600/km2 (6,800/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
80121-80147 (cap)
80010-80079 (rest)
Telephone prefix081
Vehicle registrationNA

The Province o Naples (Italian: Provincia di Napoli, Napulitano: Pruvincia 'e Nàpule) wis a province in the Campanie region o Italy. Syn Januar 2015 is haes been replacit bi the Metropolitan Ceety o Naples.

Demografics[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Province o Naples wis the maist densely populatit in Italy. At the 2001 census wur aw locatit in the province, as wur 11 o the tap 15. It haes an aurie o 1,171.13 km², an a tot population o aboot 3.1 million.

Map o the province o Naples.
Map o the province o Naples.
Main Comunes Population
Naples 983,797
Giugliano in Campania 108,492
Torre del Greco 88,540
Pozzuoli 82,503
Casoria 81,871
Castellammare di Stabia 65,794
Afragola 63,483
Marano di Napoli 58,978
Portici 57,062
Ercolano 55,310
Torre Annunziata 48,720

Tourism[eedit | eedit soorce]


The aurie is pairticularly fruitfu for tourism, baith Italians an foreigners spend vacations in the province. Pompeii, the excavatit Roman ceety which wis destroyed bi Munt Vesuvius in 79 AD is amang the maist popular destinations in aw o Italy.[1]

Three islands in the Guwf o Naples are prominent destinations an aw; Ischia, Procida an Capri. On Capri, thare is the famous Blue Grotto; inside the grotto the sea seems tae be lit frae unnerwatter, it is a magnificent blue colour, hence its name[2].

The Sorrentine Peninsulae (an its main toun Sorrento) haes lang bein a popular destination for tourism, it is weel kent for the drink Limoncello an its luxurious sea cliffs. It is rich wi villas, castles, guard touers, kirks, an in Vico Equense auncient fermhooses.[3]

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The maist popular sport in the province is fitbaa, this aurie wis ane o the first in Soothren Italy tae stairt playin sports, when Inglis sailors brocht them in durin the early 1900s. The maist successfu club frae the province are bi far SSC Napoli, who hae wan Serie A (the Italian Championship) twice an the UEFA Cup while Diego Maradona wis wi the club.

At present thare are five profesesional fitbaa clubs playin athin the Italian leagues frae the province; in Serie A thare is SSC Napoli, in Serie C1 thare is baith Juve Stabia an Sorrento, while in Serie C2 the province is representit bi SSC Giugliano an Sporting Neapolis.

Flag[eedit | eedit soorce]

Province o Naples is representit bi the coat o airms on an antique gowd ("oro antico") field.[4]

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