Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Portrait of Pierre Joseph Proudhon 1865.jpg
Portrait bi Gustave Courbet, 1865
Born 15 Januar 1809(1809-01-15)
Besançon, France
Died 19 Januar 1865(1865-01-19) (aged 56)
Passy, Paris, Fraunce
Era 19t-century philosofie
Region Wastren Filosofie
Schuil Socialism, anarchism, mutualism
Main interests
Liberty, property, authority, poverty, social juistice, egalitarianism
Notable ideas
Property is theft, anarchy is order, economic federation, anarchist gradualism, dual pouer[note 1]

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (French: [pjɛʁ ʒɔzɛf pʁudɔ̃]; 15 Januar 1809 – 19 Januar 1865) wis a French politeecian an the foonder o mutualist philosofie. He wis the first person tae declare himsel an anarchist[1][2] an is widely regairdit as ane o the ideology's maist influential theorists. Proudhon is even considert bi mony tae be the "faither o anarchism".[3]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. The "dual pouer" wis first uised bi Vladimir Lenin, but it wis conceptually first ootlined bi Proudhon—Murray Bookchin, The Third Revolution: Popular Movements in the Revolutionary Era, Volume 2, A&C Black, 1996, p. 115: "Proudhon made the bright suggestion, in his periodical Le Représentant du peuple (April 28, 1848), that the mass democracy o the clubs could acome a popular forum whaur the social agenda o the revolution coud be prepared for uise bi the Constituent Assembly—a proponal that would essentially hae defused the potency o the clubs as a potentially rebellious dual pouer."

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