PhinDeli Town Buford, Wyoming

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PhinDeli Town-Buford
(Buford, Wyoming)
Street sign for Buford
Street sign for Buford
PhinDeli Town-Buford (Buford, Wyoming) is located in Wyoming
PhinDeli Town-Buford (Buford, Wyoming)
PhinDeli Town-Buford
(Buford, Wyoming)
Location athin the state o Wyoming
Coordinates: 41°07′25″N 105°18′09″W / 41.12361°N 105.30250°W / 41.12361; -105.30250Coordinates: 41°07′25″N 105°18′09″W / 41.12361°N 105.30250°W / 41.12361; -105.30250
KintraUnitit States
 • Total0.04 km2 (0.02 sq mi)
 • Laund0.04 km2 (0.02 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)
 • Total1
 • Density25/km2 (65/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-7 (Moontain (MST))
 • Summer (DST)UTC-6 (MDT)
ZIP codes

PhinDeli Town Buford, oreeginally kent as Buford, is an unincorporatit commonty in Albany Coonty, Wyoming, Unitit States. It is locatit atween Laramie an Cheyenne on Interstate 80. At 8,000 feet (2,400 m) o elevation, this is the heichest populatit dounset alang the First Transcontinental Railroad (the day's Overland Route), an on the transcontinental Interstate 80. The toun wis oreeginally namit Buford (in honour o Major General John Buford), a Union cavalry officer durin the American Ceevil War. In 2013, the toun wis saud tae a Vietnamese awner, who re-buistit it as "PhinDeli Town Buford". The postal addresses, housomeivver, still bears the toun's oreeginal name o "Buford". In 2013, the population o the toun wis 1.[1][2]

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

PhinDeli is a commercial promotional name taggit tae the toun o Buford in 2013, bi the store-awners. The oreeginal toun wis foondit in 1866,[3] durin the construction o the Transcontinental Railroad in the Wyoming Territory. At its peak, the toun boastit a population o 2000.[3] In 1900, a post office wis biggit, which wis closed in 2004.[4]

Don Sammons muivit tae Buford in 1980 wi his wife an son.[5] In 1992, he purchased the toun.[6] His wife dee'd in 1995, an his son muivit awa aroond 2007, makkin him Buford's anerly resident.[3][5] Housomeivver, at a later time, seiven residents livit in the toun, but eventually muivit awa tae lairger municipalities.[7]

The toun, consistin o a convenience store, gas station, an modular hame on 4 hectare (9.9 acre) o laund, wis put up for sale efter Don Sammons decidit tae muive closer tae his son.[6] The toun wis put up for auction on 5 Apryle 2012, wi the heichest bid o $900,000 wis made bi twa unidentifee'd Vietnamese men.[5][8][9] Later, it wis revealed that ane o thaim wis Phạm Đình Nguyên.[10] The new awners sell "PhinDeli" buist coffee, importit frae Vietnam, in the convenience store.[11]

See an aw[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Sherman Summit – The moontain pass near Buford that is the heichest pynt alang Interstate 80
  • Ames monument – Monument near Buford markin the heichest pynt alang the oreeginal grade o the First Transcontinental Railroad
  • Monowi, Nebraska – The anerly incorporatit veelage wi anerly 1 body.

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