Philipp Kirkorov

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Philipp Kirkorov
Background information
Birth namePhilipp Bedrosovich Kirkorov
Born (1967-04-30) 30 Aprile 1967 (age 56)
OreiginVarna, Bulgarie
GenresPop muisic
ThriftSangster, Sangwriter
Years active1985–present
LabelsMelodyia, Velvet Music

Philipp Bedrosovich Kirkorov PAR (Roushie: Фили́пп Бедро́сович Кирко́ров; Bulgarie: Фи́лип Бедро́сов Кирко́ров) is a Roushie pop sangster.

Biografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Philipp Kirkorov wis born on 30 Apryle 1967 in Varna, Bulgarie. His faither is a Bulgarie sangster o Armenie strynd Bedros Kirkorov.[1][2] His mither, Victoria (née Likhacheva), is o Roushie Jewish oreegin.[3] In 1984, he entered the Gnesin State Muisic Schuil, graduatin wi honors in 1988. His muisical style is mainstream Roushie pop muisic wi various Wastren influences an, lik mony Roushie pop starns o the 1990s an 2000s, he frequently collaborates an records duets wi ither Roushie pop airtists.

In 1988, Kirkorov met the Roushie mega-starn sangster Alla Pugacheva for the first time. She invitit him tae tak pairt in her New Year's concert show. The follaein year, Kirkorov toured an performit wi Pugacheva in Australie an Germany. He wis a feenalist in the Roushie naitional "Sang o the Year" competeetion an aw.

In 1990, Kirkorov wan the Grand Prix in the competeetion "Shlyager-90" (Hit-90) in Leningrad wi the sang "Nebo i zemlya" (Sky an yird). In 1992, his muisic video tae the sang "Atlantida" wis selectit as "Muisic Video o the Year". His popularity began tae spread ootside o Roushie an he toured in the Unitit States, Canadae, Germany, an Israel.

In 1993, he wan the Roushie "Ovation" awaird for "Best Sangster o the Year" an scored a win at the internaitional singin competeetion Golden Orpheus an aw. The follaein year, he unveiled his new solo concert program, titled "Ya ne Rafael" (I am nae Raphael), which includit kiver sangs bi Engelbert Humperdink, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka an Elvis Presley. He recordit "Ya podnimayu svoy bokal" (I raise my gless) an aw, which he said wis a luve letter tae Alla Pugacheva.

In 1994, he proponit tae Alla Pugacheva an she acceptit. On 13 Januar, the couple annooncit thair engagement in Moscow. On 15 Mairch, the marriage wis registered in St. Petersburg bi then-mayor Anatoly Sobchak. On 15 Mey the weddin o Kirkorov an Pugacheva teuk place in Jerusalem. Kirkorov representit Roushie in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 held in Dublin wi the sang "Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana" ('Lullaby for the volcanae') an feenished in 17t place. He co-wrote the Belaroushie entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, "Work Your Magic" for Dmitry Koldun, an wrote the 2008 Ukrainian entry "Shady Lady", performit bi Ani Lorak. He wis a judge in the seicont saison o Music Idol in Bulgarie an aw. Kirkorov maks a cameo in Verka Serduchka's video "Do Re Mi". Ither than his native Bulgarie, he is fluent in Roushie, an is proficient in Spainyie an Inglis.[4]

He became a faither in 2012. His dochter, Alla Victoria Filippovna Kirkorova wis born in Miami. He decidit tae caw her Alla Victoria efter Alla Pugacheva an his mither Victoria.

In Dizember 2012, he signed a open letter creeticizin a St. Petersburg bill bannin "homosexual propaganda", alang wi pop starns lik Dima Bilan an Valeri Syutkin.[5]

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Albums[eedit | eedit soorce]

Studio albums
  • 1990: Philipp
  • 1990: Sinbat-Morehod
  • 1991: Nebo I Zemlya
  • 1991: Ti, Ti, Ti
  • 1992: Takoi Sakoi
  • 1994: Ya Ne Raphael
  • 1995: Primadonna
  • 1995: Ckazi Solncu - "Da"
  • 1998: Edinstvenaya
  • 1998: Oi, Mama Shika Dam
  • 2000: Chelofilia
  • 2001: Magico Amor
  • 2002: Vlubloniy I Bezumno Odinokiy
  • 2003: Neznakomka
  • 2007: For You
  • 2011: Drugoy - 2 Edition

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Precedit bi
wi "Vyechniy stranik"
Roushie in the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeedit bi
Alla Pugacheva
wi "Primadonna"