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Peter Higgs
Nobel Prize 24 2013.jpg
Higgs at a press conference, Stockholm, December 2013
Born Peter Ware Higgs
(1929-05-29) 29 Mey 1929 (age 90)
Newcastle upon Tyne, Ingland
Residence Edinburgh, Scotland
Naitionality British
Alma mater King's College Lunnon
Kent for Broken symmetry in electroweak theory
Higgs boson
Higgs field
Higgs mechanism
Awairds Nobel Prize in Pheesics (2013)
Wolf Prize in Pheesics (2004)
Sakurai Prize (2010)
Dirac Medal (1997)
Rutherford Medal an Prize (1984)
Hughes Medal (1981)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics (theoretical)
Institutions Varsity o Edinburgh
Imperial College Lunnon
King's College Lunnon
Varsity College Lunnon
Thesis Some problems in the theory of molecular vibrations (1955)
Doctoral advisor Charles Coulson[1]
Doctoral students Christopher Bishop
Lewis Ryder
David Wallace[1]

Peter Ware Higgs CH FRS FRSE (born 29 Mey 1929) is a Breetish theoretical pheesicist, Nobel Prize laureate an emeritus professor at the Varsity o Edinburgh.[3][4]

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