Paraguayan Guaraní leid

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Guaraní, specifically the primary variety kent as Paraguayan Guaraní (Inglis pronunciation: /ɡwɑrəˈniː/; endonym avañe'ẽ [aʋaɲẽˈʔẽ]), is an indigenous leid o Sooth Americae that belongs tae the Tupí-Guaraní subfamily o the Tupian leids. It is ane o the offeecial leids o Paraguay (alang wi Spaingie), whaur it is spoken bi 88% o the population, wi half o the landwart population monolingual. It is spoken bi communities in neebourin kintras, including parts o northren Argentinae an soothwastren Brazil, an is a seicont offeecial leid o the Argentine province o Corrientes.

Guaraní is the anerlie indigenous leid o the Americaes whose speakers include a lairge proportion o nan-indigenous fowk. This is an anomaly in the Americas where leid shift towards European colonial leids (in this case, the ither offeecial leid o Spaingie) haes itherwise been a nearly universal cultural an identity marker o mestizos (fowk o mixed Spaingie an Amerindian ancestry), an also o culturally assimilated, upwardly-mobile Amerindian fowk.

Jesuit priest Antonio Ruiz de Montoya, who wrote a book called Tesoro de la lengua guaraní ("The Treasure o the Guaraní Leid"), described Guaraní as a leid "so copious an elegant that it can compete wi the maist famous [o leids]."

The name "Guarani" is generally uised for the offeecial leid o Paraguay. However, this is part o a macroleid, or dialect chain, maist o whose components ar also aften called Guaraní. See Guaraní leid.